​It seems that Snapchat is growing even further. As it is incorporating extra new features to entice more users and advertisers into its platform, Snapchat has been reported to have achieved its new accomplishment: Its daily video views have tripled since May.

Snapchat has just notched six billion video views a day. In May, the company disclosed it gained a whopping two billion views every day.

The number was relayed by people close to the company to Financial Times which shared the news on Nov. 8. While Snapchat confirmed the figure to Financial Times, it, however, avoided to go into details.

​It wasn't too long ago, Facebook touted that its over a billion users watch videos eight billion times per day.

Today's leading social media network revealed the news alongside the announcement of its impressive numbers on its Q3 2015 earnings release.

​Snapchat's latest success signifies the company is closing the gap with Facebook.

It is worth pointing out that the daily video viewing numbers of Facebook are generated from both mobile and desktop views, while Snapchat's views are made up of the app's smartphone users.

Facebook and Snapchat count video views differently. In Facebook, every view is counted when the video is played for at least three seconds. Meanwhile, in Snapchat counts a view if the user plays a particular video for just a few milliseconds.

It has to be noted as well that Facebook's videos last a minute or longer while Snapchat's videos are just seconds long.

Meanwhile, in Google-owned YouTube, each view is counted when a video is played for at least 30 seconds. In the spring, YouTube boasted that it garnered four billion views per day.

Way back 2013, ​Snapchat refused to consider Facebook's $3 billion offer to own the messaging app. In May, Snapchat's boss Evan Spiegel divulged its plans to have an initial public offering. The company, though, has yet to reveal when this would happen.

Just last month, we delved on Snapchat's latest move to incorporate extra ways for its users to be more creative. Its users were treated to a new functionality, dubbed Speed Modifiers, permitting its users to rewind, fast-forward or slow down videos. It likewise decided to add 3D Touch capabilities aimed at iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners.

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