Human-like household robots are becoming increasingly popular, with the latest being a new robot called the Alpha 2 by the company Ubtech Robotics.

The domestic robot was designed to offer an intuitive and responsive platform that is designed to be both intelligent and useful. Because of that, the Alpha 2 is completely programmable and operates on an open-source operating system.

As far as hardware goes, the device includes a number of sensory inputs, such as ultrasonic sensors, touch sensors and pressure sensors. With a total of 20 servos in the device's joints, the robot is also pretty nimble.

Of course, it wouldn't be that interesting if the Alpha 2 was just nimble, with intelligence also pretty important in a device like this. The brain of the robot is cloud-connected, meaning that it is able to use much more visual and audio processing power than if everything was implanted into the hardware of the device. Because of this connectivity, the Alpha 2 is able to perform a number of tasks, such as checking the user's calendar, monitoring the user's home and even entertaining the family pet.

It's important to note that the project, featured on Indiegogo, has exceeded its target of $100,000 by more than $5,000.

The concept certainly is interesting, and one that has been a prediction of sci-fi films for years. Despite this, we haven't seen too many humanoid personal robots for the home, and there certainly haven't been any that have really taken off.

Those interested in buying the device for themselves can head to the Indiegogo page, but it won't come cheap. The super early bird special costs $499, with the standard price being $599.

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