Recently, Twitter had changed its star button to a heart, but this didn't go down well with many users of the micro social network. With that being the case, Twitter has decided to give users more options.

A Twitter user who goes by the name, @_Ninji, stumbled across what appears to be emoji reactions in a hacked version of the Twitter mobile app. It means that soon, users can react to a Tweet with around 33 or more emoji without ever having to click a heart.

The Twitter emoji appears far from finished, so users of the micro social network might have to wait until 2016 before this feature is fully released to the public domain.

What\'s interesting here is that these emoji come across as quite similar to the ones on Path.

Slack is also doing something similar by allowing users to comment on any post by just using an emoji. Facebook is also jumping in, but the company is only doing so in a limited way.

With these new emoji, users can express themselves on Twitter without ever having to say a word. It's a good move, especially for folks who are disabled in more ways than one.

Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter, has applauded Twitter's move towards simplifying everything to make life easier for Twitter's millions of users.

While the boys at Twitter are working on emoji, Facebook is working on animated Emoji to get users of the most popular social network in the world a lot more invested in the platform. We\'ve seen time and time again on the web where users use GIFs to express themselves rather than regular emoji.

As it stands right now, the heart on Twitter is just a heart. Users may one day have the ability to change which icon to use if they are not a big fan of hearts.

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