Marketing is all about getting people's attention, and this advertisement called "Rule the Living Room" for Nvidia's new Shield Android console certainly gets the job done.

Things start off normal enough. An average looking guy is sitting on his couch, enjoying the 4k streaming capabilities of his Shield when green lights start flashing, sirens start blaring and he puts on a helmet.

Then he and his whole living room set-up is ejected out of a cargo plane from 10,000 feet up. The living room is bolted together and objects are tied down, as the man proceeds to play various games like Ultra Street Fighter IV while falling from the sky. Turns out performing a haduken is just a tad more difficult when you're falling at high speeds and flipping upside down.

Eventually he unbuckles himself from his living room and activates his parachute before the couch, TV and desk slam to the ground. He then walks over to the debris, picks up the Shield console and holds it triumphantly in the air.

The whole ad is more than a little ridiculous, but it definitely accomplishes its mission. If you didn't know what the Nvidia Shield was before, you at least vaguely do now. Just don't try this at home.

You can watch the full ad below. Nvidia's Shield console is currently available for $199.99 and includes a free remote for a limited time.

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