A new version of Google Glass seems to be in the works.

The tech company has been granted a patent for a wearable device, which fits onto one ear and wraps around the head of a user in what could be a newer version of the Google Glass, The Next Web is reporting.

"The band is adjustable such that it can be configured by a user to contact the head of the user at a first location near a temple, a second location along a portion of the user's ear adjacent the temple, and at a third location along a rear position of the head of the user," the abstract description in Google's patent filing reads.

It adds: "The device also includes image-generating means within the band for generating an image presentable to the user on the display."

The wearable device includes input and output structures with the band also being able to be used as a touch-based input surface.

Although it doesn't mention the Glass, this monocle looks every bit to be a newer, sleeker version of Google's wearable tech device.

Adding to that speculation will certainly be the fact that Google stopped sales of the Glass this past January, to reposition its development.

Just two months later, the company sought out new opportunities for its wearable device, but any announcements about such advances have gone silent since then.

If not a second-generation Glass, this monocle could very well be the rebirth of the device by Google, altogether.

However this turns out, do you prefer the single eyeglass?

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