Amazon customers living in Manhattan can now have beer, wine and spirits delivered to them in just one hour through the Prime Now mobile app, setting up what should be an extra festive holiday season.

The launch of the beer, wine and spirit delivery in Manhattan is not the first instance of the service. It was first seen in Seattle, which is the hometown of Amazon. Back then, it was not clear whether the Prime Now delivery service for adult beverages would be only for Seattle or if it would be expanding to other locations.

Stephanie Landry, the head of Amazon Prime Now, said in an interview with tech news website Re/code that Amazon is looking to be able to deliver adult beverages to more of the about 20 locations covered by the Prime Now service. However, it is taking some time as the company has been careful in making sure that they would comply with local regulations.

According to a spokeswoman, Amazon was able to obtain a liquor license in Seattle for the Prime Now service. However, it does not have such a license for New York City. Amazon has instead tapped delivery service providers, which have the necessary permits, to make the deliveries in Manhattan in behalf of the licensed merchants.

In addition to the launch of the beer, wine and spirit delivery service of Prime Now in Manhattan, Amazon also announced that Italian supermarket Eataly is now a partner of the service in the city. Amazon also revealed that Prime Now couriers located in all cities where the service is offered will make deliveries throughout Christmas Eve.

Customers interested in becoming Amazon Prime members can simply sign up for the service, which costs an annual fee of $99. Membership will provide the customer with unlimited two-day shipping services for the millions of products offered by Amazon, along with an ever-expanding list of other perks such as music streaming and video streaming.

The Prime Now service, which is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers, will charge customers $7.99 for a one-hour delivery. For a two-hour delivery, there will be no extra fee.

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