Microsoft may soon developed a life-sized Cortana for HoloLens. 

With HoloLens running on Windows 10, it wasn't hard for people to propose a life-sized hologram of the digital assistant Cortana. A couple of Microsoft Studios community members thought of it and shared their ideas through Microsoft's recently launched Share-Your-Idea initiative for its augmented reality headset HoloLens.

"Hologram of Cortana from Halo who you can talk to and interact with. Works in the same way as cortana on Desktop / Phone. Get answers to questions etc," proposes LookItsKris. "Maybe ask a question on HoloLens and answers come through on phone? Possibilities are endless."

"Whenever you invoke Cortana, she will be displayed as a holographic object, like a real AI in the Halo Universe," writes jigerdoodles117. "Each word she says can be mapped to facial animation. When she is thinking/processing queries, she could display a classic chin-rub thinking animation."

A lot of people find both ideas feasible. This is seen in the number of upvotes for each post: 402 upvotes for LookItsKris' post and 173 for jigerdoodles117's. In fact, some think it may already be in the works.

"Good idea, but this probably already exists," says Stompplantes, another Microsoft Studios community member.

HoloLens was formally announced together with Windows 10 in January. The headset's next major appearance was during E3 2015 when it was used to generate an interactive virtual Minecraft world on top of a table. Microsoft also demoed the HoloLens for 3D modelling using various third-party software and first-person shooter games and as an interactive teaching medium.

Microsoft is set to release the mixed reality headset's developer kit in the first half of 2016. Virtual reality headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are also set for a first-quarter launch next year.

Redmond is yet to comment whether or not a life-sized Cortana for HoloLens will be available.

Below is the HoloLens demo at E3.

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