Who is more likely to fake it in bed?

French women – trailed by American and British women – emerged in a new survey as most likely to fake an orgasm. Their struggle is also real: French ladies had the most difficulty reaching climax during sex and having regular orgasms.

International polling and marketing firm Institute of French Public Opinion (IFOP) conducted a survey of women from France, the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands about their bedroom habits – in time for International Orgasm Day last Friday.

Results showed that 31 percent of French women regularly faked it with their current partner, followed by American women at 29 percent and British women at 25 percent.

The survey further revealed that 49 percent of French female respondents struggled to reach climax on a “fairly regular” frequency, followed by Canadian and Italian ladies at 46 percent and Americans at 44 percent.

The survey was carried out this November, involving 1,003 participants.

What could then be causing these orgasm troubles among French women?

IFOP’s François Kraus pointed out that compared to women elsewhere, French women undergo high stress and fatigue levels, leading to an unstable emotional status and lower libido.

"These do not create the right conditions for sex,” Kraus said.

In addition, experts said this might be because of a culture still largely promoting vaginal penetration as a standard sexual practice – something not offering the perfect condition for the female orgasm to occur.

The survey also found that masturbation was the top functioning response at 80 percent and anal penetration was the least desired at 36 percent. The Dutch appeared to strike a greater balance in relationship when it came to orgasms, with 58 percent reporting having a climax once a week.

Studies have identified a wealth of reasons why women fake orgasms or even make noises during lovemaking.

In a 2011 Archives of Sexual Behavior study, 66 percent of females admitted they moaned during sex to help their partner climax more quickly. On the other hand, 87 percent reported being more vocal to boost their partner’s self-confidence.

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