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First Solar Road Goes Public In France

France can be considered as the first country to ever have its roads covered with solar panels. It's an experiment to test if these specialized panels can withstand heavy vehicles on a regular basis, and if the energy generated can power street lights.

Energy December 27, 2016

France Wants A New Keyboard That Will Allow Users To Easily Type The Language

The French Ministry of Culture announced its plans to standardize the French-language keyboard. The move will make it easier for native speakers to type grammatically correct.

Computers January 22, 2016

French Women Most Likely To Fake An Orgasm: Survey

A poll showed that 31 percent of French women - followed by American and British women - were most likely to fake it with their current partner. Experts also pointed to the prevalence of vaginal penetration in women's struggle to reach climax regularly or at all.

Life December 21, 2015

'Forgotten' First Language Influences How Brain Processes Sounds

The first language learned will never be forgotten, says a new study. Researchers found that even a brief exposure to a first language influences how the brain processes sounds in later life.

Society December 6, 2015

Bonjour! Hallo! Skype Real-Time Translator Now Supports French And German

Microsoft is expanding Skype Translator to include more languages and cover nearly 30 percent of the world’s population.

Apps/Software June 18, 2015

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