It is increasingly common for retailers to reduce the prices of goods around New Year's Eve, and software developers who want to boost their sales have adopted the trend.

A number of already popular apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices just received a price cut, making sure that users would welcome 2016 with their smartphones well stacked.

The year-end sections of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store feature hard to refuse deals, wherein you can get apps with as much as 50 percent discount. We compiled a list of the best deals you can grab from two of the most widespread operating systems.

Android Apps

Calendar Status Pro ($0.99): By placing their calendar in the notification tab, users can put more order into their lives and get in time to every important event. This handy schedule reminder also supports Google Tasks.

Hitman: Sniper ($0.50): Who says mobile gaming lacks precision? Hitman: Sniper teaches you how to aim and take more than one enemy at a time in its 150 levels. It also helps you become familiar with a dozen rifles.

Kingdom Rush Origins ($0.99): This tower defense game is the third in its series and features a world full of magic, druids, mages and elves. Some claim it to be "the most addictive tower defense game."

Lara Croft GO ($0.99): After the latest installment of the Tomb Raider franchise was a console hit, the mobile version keeps the bar high. Lara Croft GO offers puzzles, adventures and marvelous rich graphics at a killer price.

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham ($0.99) One of the cutest family friendly games out there, it uses 100 characters to take you through 45 missions. DC Comics can certainly bring out the child in all of us.

Minecraft Story Mode ($0.10): This popular title 8-bit craft-your-own-adventure game has great replay ability and a price that makes it a must-have.

Rayman Fiesta Run ($0.25): Dirt-cheap and fun, the platform game throws players into a cartoonish world of vivid creatures and villains, and it is speedy fun to punch, run and fly through it.

Here are some iOS apps offering bang for the buck, even more so after the discounts kicked in.

Alto's Adventure ($0.99): During each level, the sky simulator takes you down a slope and tests your reflexes with three challenges. The game received high commendations throughout 2015 for its immersive gameplay and evocative visual design.

Duet ($0.99): Another way to test your reflexes is to control not one, but two objects while you avoid falling obstacles. Keeping the two controlled objects in sync is a challenge in itself, though.

Goat Simulator ($0.99): Installing mayhem and horned destruction was never easier, and the energy-pumped goat makes even the tiny bugs of the games seem like a premeditated gesture from the developers.

Notability ($0.99): A neat productivity tool, Notabily allows users to review documents, record audio and sketch quickly using the note-taking tool.

Procreate Pocket ($0.99): Users may use layers and filters to add a professional look to their camera snaps. It is Apple Watch compatible.

Scanner Pro ($0.99): A great tool for expense reporting, this app helps users turn their photographed receipts, whiteboards or documents into PDFs. Alternatively, it can prove to be a handy tool to keep scanned images within a Photo Library for easy access.

Trick Shot ($0.99): This puzzle game relies on physics-simulation and challenges the player to score improbable skill-shots to bounce a ball through an obstacle course and finally put it into a box. Feel free to add the "what's in the box" meme to the description.

Word Swag ($0.99): Bring out your artsy side with this handy app which turns plain text into artistic graphics.

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