People will soon have a fridge equipped with cameras and a huge display, allowing them to see anything inside without the need to open its door.

Prior to the unveiling of the Samsung's latest creation named "Family Hub" refrigerator  during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday, official photos of the appliance have already surfaced online, thanks to Samsung Newsroom for pushing them out via Flickr.

Samsung, alongside LG, is known in throwing in odd, crazy new appliances during the CES. This year is no exception.

Why It Is A Fridge Of The Future

Among the reasons why this is deemed a smart home technology of the future is it touts 21.5-inch 1080p monitor outside and few cameras and sensors within so you will know what is inside the refrigerator without the need to open its door.

From the looks of it, the appliance is akin to a normal fridge, however it sports a big smartphone glued on its door. Judging from the official pictures Samsung made available to the public, it looks as if it will be powered by Android operating system.

What is interesting is you can be able to view the interior of the refrigerator remotely, thanks to a specially developed smartphone app. This is specifically advantageous if you are in a grocery store but do not know what particular foods to buy.

What makes the refrigerator as smart as a whip is it likewise let you know if you already need to buy particular foods. Furthermore, the appliance will notify you when they are on sale and even allow you to order them. Do not get your hopes up, though, as this particular functionality can only be enjoyed in Korea at the moment.

You can even post reminders and messages to your family on the big display using the app.

The screen, of course, can also be used to connect to the Web and search for recipes and other web pages to help you make the dish you want to cook for your family.

The Family Hub fridge comes equipped with speakers which allow you to listen to your much-loved radio station while preparing foods.

What's more, it can as well function as a controller for connected objects.

Release Date And Price

At this point, however, Samsung has not yet revealed its plans when to start selling the smart fridge and how much it will cost when it arrives.

Rumor has it, though, that it will initially be marketed in Korea before penetrating other markets, such as the United States.

We will be sure to provide you more details regarding this appliance as soon as they are available.

Photo: Samsung Newsroom | Flickr

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