The division formerly known as Google X is now just ... X.

The secretive research and development facility is the most recent Alphabet subsidiary to go for a name change, following the parent company's official crossover from Google to its current designation, Alphabet Inc., which occured back in October.

In addition to this, the company also released a graphic of its new logo in an exclusive with Re/code (the logo, in GIF form, is pictured below).

Besides the new one-letter honorific, the subsidiary has also undergone a major structural overhaul in an effort to safeguard the company from introducing consumer products that are doomed to fail — or, on the other side of the coin, make sure that products that will be put on the market will have a secured success.

The revamp itself comes as no surprise: the company has been exceedingly careful with its ventures, especially after Google Glass failed to capture the public's imagination (or their wallets), so much so that surefire markets the company would have been expected to delve into — like VR — have already seen significant developments in the labs of their competitors (again, in the case of VR, Facebook and Microsoft).

Nevertheless, the changes look promising for Alphabet as a whole — and with some changes in the line-up at Google, it looks like 2016 might be a game-changing year for the company.

Via: The Next Web

Source: Re/code

Photo: Steve Jurvetson | Flickr

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