Google has refreshed its Google+ app to bring in a ton of improvements and bug fixes, such as design enhancements, better search and more.

Google has announced its Google+ Android Update 7.0.0 via a post on Thursday.

"We're starting to roll out an updated Google+ Android app over the next couple days," says Luke Wroblewski, Product Director at Google. "This version includes two of our most requested Android fixes and a number of additional updates."

One big modification Google has made is the app's bottom tab bar, which is now automatically hidden once users are already scrolling any page, excluding the notifications screen. This way, the Android app would look more organized and less jumbled.

With the update onboard, the app's Search feature shows up autocomplete suggestions while users type into the search bar. The app's home stream also remembers your current position when you go back to it after heading to a different screen within Google+, for instance, Notifications.

Google says that along with these new features, it has also fixed 69 bugs and addressed 14 accessibility features. It promises more updates will arrive down the road.

While the revamped Google+ Android app has yet to be released in the coming days, interested users can download and install the updated app via APK Mirror instead of waiting for the updated version of the app to arrive, which could take a few more days.

For those who don't know yet, Google+ is now paying much attention to Collections and Communities. In fact, with the new update, Google has now added in a prompt on users' profiles to add a Community or Collection if they don't have any yet. 

In November last year, Google gave the app a major facelift, with focus on Communities and Collections. During the time the company announced the updated version of the app, it touted that the app could "make life easier" for users. Google collaborated with renowned interface designer Wroblewski in giving the app a makeover.

Other tweaks Google made include optimizing the way users search, post, comment and follow topics and people. The company also resolved a slew of performance issues.

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