Google Chrome's myriad of extensions might already be old news for some of you, but for those who do not use them, we'd like to show you why you should.

In a recent AskReddit thread, users gave their two cents about the best extensions one can add to the Google-developed browser and there's a lot to learn from there.

Among other things, the neat additions to the default Chrome software can help users save money, increase productivity, load webpages faster, shop smarter, keep their browsing history private or simply add fun to the multi-tab sport of online browsing.

We are about to cover a number of extensions, but the Reddit thread has enough information to keep you buffing your Chrome for days.

The Camelizer

A handy little tool for everyone who shops online, this extension displays the pricing history of Amazon's products. With The Camelizer, you get instant notifications when Chanel no. 5 or that burgundy Burberry scarf is on sale. It's almost like having a personal shopping assistant.

Magic Actions For YouTube

It is hard to point out something that this extension doesn't do.

It allows you to enjoy your YouTube videos in HD, it keeps off pesky ads, it makes sure you disturb your roommate as little as possible with the night/day toggle switch and it even hides the controls while you binge-watch trailers before going to the cinema.  

Last but not the least, it makes sure to keep your guilty pleasures secret via its erase history feature, and allows you to take quality screenshots of the video as hassle-free as possible.


Scoring a reputable 4.5/ 5 from nearly 170,000 users, the extension is self-explanatory.

Browsing webpages without having to constantly close pop-ups and ads turns the Internet voyage from a rafting-like experience to a pleasure cruise. AdBlock is user-friendly and as soon as you download it, it starts clearing your screen right away.


When Dropbox arrived, its easy and intuitive way of handling large files upgraded productivity levels in offices around the world. Now, QuickDrop learns from the software's experience and brings the same service to your browser.

With the help of a simple toolbar menu, users may easily upload and download files in networks. What's more, files may be uploaded online in no time. This means users can take control of an upload folder to rename and share Dropbox files, while staying on the same page.


A number of jobs require Chrome users to have a lot of tabs open at the same time, which can get pretty confusing even to seasoned online researchers. Based on our own experience, we can say that multiple tabs is not always (read: seldom) a key to productivity. Fear not those pesky deadlines, for OneTab is here to help.

Clicking the OneTab icon instantly turns your tabs into an extensive list, allowing you to restore one page at a time or all at once, according to your needs. By restoring tabs one by one, however, you get more out of your CPU, as multiple tabs usually run various scripts that slow your PC down.

Checker Plus for Gmail

The extension delivers desktop notifications each time you receive an email, and shows you what you need to know, the subject line and a preview, respectively.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is exactly what you need when you try to get some work done and you stumble upon an interesting headline. The extension allows saving articles for later reading and it works on multiple devices, be it your tablet, computer or phone. Simply press the Pocket extension when you land on a new site that catches your eye and it will be archived in the Pocket queue.

Google Tone

Although it is not a very popular extension yet, Tone has some practical advantages that make it worthy of note.

First of all, Tone works between computers that both run Google Chrome and have the extension installed. Clicking the Tone button enables the browsers to send links to other users, through beeping sounds.

From all possible clients for the extension, schools and offices stand out. For example, teams of developers from Google successfully used Tone to share documents and send links during meetings, without interrupting conversations.

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