Background Music Coming To Xbox One, But Not Until Summer


Sorry Xbox One users, the game console won't get background music until summer.

Responding to a fan's query on Twitter if there was any update on this much-awaited functionality, Xbox boss Phil Spencer admitted that the background music feature will not come before summer.

In November, Xbox director of program management Mike Ybarra shared the news that the company is working on this feature. He didn't go into details, though, as to when users could expect to pick their own music while having their gaming sessions.

This means that for now, until summer at the earliest, users will have to be content with using Groove Music just so they can listen to their own tunes.

Background music playback was well implemented on the Xbox 360, and at the moment, the feature is already available on the PlayStation 4.

When the feature arrives, it will undeniably make a lot of users happy, as this functionality has already notched more than 22,000 votes on the Xbox Feedback site.

In December, the Xbox chief's response to a fan's inquiry also made tons of headlines over the Web.

During the time, a fan took to Twitter to ask Spencer if Microsoft has plans "to try and lock down Titanfall 2" as he said he does not want to see the Azure Cloud functionalities removed from the game.

Spencer replied by saying that Microsoft Azure is available to all third-party games, including PlayStation exclusives.

"Azure services are available to any game, even other platform's exclusives," he said. "We wouldn't keep someone from using."

At that time, another fan also asked him if Microsoft had plans to develop an Xbox One app for Mac. He said the company has not yet received a number of requests on this particular matter.

Meanwhile, in the same month last year, Spencer confirmed that there will be an Xbox Two down the road.

"I fully expect that you see another console from us," said Spencer. "Our best customers are Xbox console customers, and I want to keep those people engaged both on the Xbox One and anything we might do in the future."

He added he's "100 percent" committed to this new venture.

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