The world has its eyes over Mars for quite some time now and many space watchers claimed to have seen mysterious things on the red planet. This time, NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover was reported to capture a gorilla and camel on Mars.

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover is part of the Mars Science Laboratory mission, the agency's Mars Exploration Program launched in 2011 that landed on Mars in 2012. It was designed to assess whether Mars ever had an environment to support small life forms dubbed as microbes. This means that the mission aims to assess the planet's habitability and ability to support human life in the future.

The animal-shaped rocks were seen in images captured by the rover in a YouTube video uploaded by someone who calls himself Mister Enigma. In the video depicting what many believe are rock formations, Mister Enigma said that the photo taken by Mars Rover Curiosity may be convincing when it comes to providing evidence of life on Mars.

"If we add a little color to the photo, the features stand out a lot more. When we zoom in we can see what looks like a gorilla or bear-type creature or maybe even a statue of a creature," Mister Enigma said.

"But what is even more odd is that right next to it on the left we see what looks like a smaller creature like a baby or cub," he added.

He added that the faces in the photo may be different but it is similar to something the Earth already has: gorillas. The figure in the photo may resemble a gorilla or a bear.

Conspiracy theorists have been finding all sorts of items they claimed to inhabit Mars. These include crabs, lizards, bears and rabbits. In fact, in a Facebook page called "A Journey To The Surface of the Mars", images from Mars were examined by space enthusiasts showing a lot of animal-like figures and skulls they think were some sort of alien form.

They've seen skulls, machine gears, alien technology, underground entrances and even martian reptiles. One alien enthusiast claims he found the larger animal he called a gorilla back in 2012.

"This is interesting, someone found another animal near this larger one. The larger one I labelled a gorilla back in 2012, but of course I could be wrong on that since you have to catch one to confirm it," Scott Waring, a UFO and alien enthusiast said.

"The smaller one looks more like it than the larger one. Whatever these creature are, they look similar. Parent and child. No one has ever noticed the smaller one before, so I had to put this up. Absolutely mind blowing that this creature has a child near it. Food for thought," he added. 

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