Sleep deprivation poses increased risk of various health effects. Having enough hours intended for sleeping is linked to better health and memory. Carbonshade, a tech start-up company from California, created a type of glasses that effectively blocks blue light, which can impede sleep.

Blue light is emitted from gadgets like tablets, television sets and smartphone. Aside from causing various problems to the body like eye problems, the light impedes normal sleeping patterns.

The red glasses block the harmful green and blue lights that prevent individuals from getting enough sleep at night. Night time light exposure from indoor lighting and even smartphones disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for wake and sleep cycles.

"This is exactly the range our glasses block. Many glasses only block part of this range, or don't effectively block every wavelength, which is why we let people know that our glasses block above 99.8% of the total light in this range," Carbonshade co-founder Jeremy Maluf said.

Sleep is an important activity of humans since it helps the brain and body rest from a long day of work. There are many causes of sleep problems like stress, altered production of melatonin and environmental factors. There are also ways on how to naturally induce sleep and reduce sleep problems.

Diet is one of the factors linked to sleep problems. Researchers link low-fiber, high-sugar and high-fat diet to disrupted sleep. Eating foods rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and quality proteins helps the body produce ample amounts of sleep hormones.

Going to bed and waking up at the same times each day help keep the body clock on track. They also promote the natural drive to sleep. When they body is used to a body clock schedule, it is easier for the body to adapt to sleep and rest.

The sleep environment is a very important factor in sleep patterns. Artificial light, warm temperatures and sudden noises influence sleep quality. Remove all artificial lights including the light from the television, alarm clock and smartphones. The room should be kept at a temperature around 65 to 68 degrees while playing music with white noise.

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