Deadpool has been drawing more attention to himself as his film gets closer to its release, even giving away surprises for "The 12 Days of Deadpool" in December. Now he topped all those antics with an epic treat to fans.

Fans of the trash-talking anti-hero Deadpool thought they were just going to an ordinary fan appreciation event to see exclusive first-look footages from the "Deadpool" movie on Jan. 18, but they received an awesome treat when actor Ryan Reynolds entered the theater in the middle of the pre-screening question and answer session to surprise them with his presence and a full movie screening!

That's right, "Deadpool" fans who attended the fan appreciation event not only mingled with Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, they also got to see the full movie a half month before its scheduled release on Feb. 12.

"I know we were going to be showing you guys some footage but ... hell, you wanna just see the whole film? Let's just show you the whole movie," Reynolds reportedly said when the time to show exclusive clips came. Of course, fans wouldn't say no to a special advance screening. The attendees of the event have probably been wanting to watch the entire film as soon as the first trailer dropped. Judging by the fan reactions on social media, everyone loved it.

Reynolds took a photo of himself with the crowd in the theater and posted it in his Instagram account with a thank you caption to VSauce for helping facilitate the surprise to fans. Lively posted the same photo, with an arrow showing where she was seated at the back of the theater.

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Jan 18, 2016 at 9:38pm PST

The couple used the same emojis used in the huge billboard advertisement of "Deadpool." It was the very same one actor Patton Oswalt tweeted about and received a cheeky response from the "Deadpool" movie's official twitter account.

Then again, Deadpool has his own interpretation of the emojis.

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