'Street Fighter V' Beta Update Comes With Alternative Character Costumes


The release of Capcom's Street Fighter V is still about five weeks away, but it seems that a few eager fans just can't wait to get their hands on a piece of this much-awaited game.

After Capcom unveiled updates for the Street Fighter V beta, some players quickly went to work to mine for additional data that may have been included in the release.

A NeoGaf user named ScrubMcGrub came across a new batch of previously unseen costumes for characters such as Chun-Li's long-overdue Interpol uniform. He found costume updates for other game characters as well, such as Cammy, Rainbow Mika, Laura, Necalli, Zangief, Rashid and M. Bison.

Necalli, a newcomer to the popular game franchise, is set to have Aztec-style battle armor, while Zangief and R. Mika are getting matching wrestling costumes.

The discovery of the new costumes comes a few months after another fan posted alleged Street Fighter V audio clips on the Shoryuken forum. User AceKombat claimed that the recordings mention the names of Alex, Balrog, Fan, Guile, Ibuki, Juri and Urien.

Other Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV characters were said to have been included in the audio clips, but some fans remain skeptical as these characters have yet to show up in any data-mined Street Fighter V roster.

Earlier, Capcom announced that Street Fighter V will feature an in-game currency similar to the model used in League of Legends. The new character costumes shown in the mined data could likely end up as items that can be bought using currency earned through gameplay, though this has yet to be confirmed by Capcom.

Several battle costumes for popular characters can officially be obtained as retailer-specific preorder incentives. These include costumes for Ryu (GameStop), Cammy (Best Buy), M. Bison (Amazon), and Chun-Li (PlayStation Store).

As the latest installment to one of the most famous video game franchises of all time, Street Fighter V already has thousands of hardcore fans clamoring to get a copy of the game.

However, unless Capcom comes up with a plan to stop data miners from revealing too much of the game, these same fans might find out everything there is to know about the game even before it debuts.

Street Fighter V is set to hit shelves in North America and Europe on Feb. 16.

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