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Facebook Sues Ukrainian Hackers Who Used Quiz Apps To Steal User Data

Two Ukrainian men are facing charges from Facebook for stealing private data from users. The culprits allegedly hid their malicious plug-ins in the form of popular quiz apps.

Apps/Software March 13, 2019

Bose Headphones Spy On Users, Lawsuit Claims: Here's What You Should Know

Bose is allegedly spying on its customers by collecting information about what they’re listening to. The claim further suggests that Bose sells the information without permission.

Security April 20, 2017

'Tom Clancy's The Division' Data Mining Reveals Number Of Missions, Weapons And More

Data mining on 'Tom Clancy's The Division' has extracted the number of missions in the game, along with several other interesting pieces of information. The game is set to launch on March 8 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Video Games March 7, 2016

'Street Fighter V' Beta Update Comes With Alternative Character Costumes

A NeoGaf user named ScrubMcGrub was able to data-mine a new batch of previously unseen costumes for 'Street Fighter V' characters. The hidden game data was included in Capcom's release of updates for the game's beta version.

Video Games January 22, 2016

Software Reveals How Smiling Evolved During 100 Years Of Yearbook Photos

Data mining helped researchers show the evolution of the smile in the past 100 years. The researchers created an 'average' face and smile for each decade from thousands of high school yearbook photos in the United States from the 1900s onwards.

Society November 26, 2015

'Street Fighter V' Data Mining Reveals Six Possible DLC Characters: Guile, Urien, Alex And More

Details of the proposed DLC characters for 'Street Fighter V' have been revealed thanks to some data mining. The audio files excavated reveal that the DLC list for the classic game will comprise Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Urien, Alex and Juri.

Video Games November 4, 2015

If You're From The UK, GCHQ Knows Everything You Do On The Internet

Leaked documents show that the UK's Government Communications Headquarters stores over trillions of metadata records. The organization claims that it is authorized and necessary.

Internet September 28, 2015

'Predictive Policing' Police Program Banks On Data Mining To Anticipate And Prevent Violent Crime

Predictive policing has been dwarfing illegal activities in Kansas City, where data mining and criminal profiling algorithms help police officers pinpoint the violent elements of society.

Society September 27, 2015

Microsoft vs. Privacy: Windows 10's Controversial Tracking Tools Hitting Windows 7, 8

Microsoft has rolled out some controversial updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8, bringing the most criticized aspect of Windows 10: user tracking and extensive data collection.

Apps/Software September 8, 2015

Want To Know If You Can Be A Fashion Model? There's A Machine-Learning Algorithm For That

Hot or not? This algorithm sweeps through your social media and delivers the verdict. It’s nothing personal, only math, data mining and advanced sampling.

Apps/Software September 4, 2015

Can Ello kill Facebook? Unlikely, but it's nice to know we have an ad-free alternative

Ad-haters and privacy lovers are flocking to Ello, but the social networking site doesn't have Facebook in its crosshair. Ello is for the people and Facebook is for the advertising firms, says Ello founder.

Internet September 30, 2014

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