Instagram was found to be testing a new feature in its iOS app that allows users to switch between accounts without the need to log out of the current account being used.

Not being able to switch between different Instagram accounts has been one of the oldest complaints regarding the Facebook-owned picture-sharing service. It seems that Instagram is finally starting to introduce the feature, as spotted by blog Latergramme.

Some iOS users have reported to Latergramme that they have been able to add several accounts on Instagram and are able to easily switch between the accounts on the app without having to log out each time.

It is reported that not all Instagram users on iOS devices will see the feature available to them, which could be due to a slow roll-out of the feature or that Instagram is simply testing out the feature first. It could be remembered that in November of last year, Instagram also tested out the multiple account feature for Instagram users on Android devices.

For iOS users that would like to check if they are among the lucky ones that can access the feature, they could go their profile page on the app and then click on "Settings." For users that are given access to the feature, there will be an "Add Account" option at the bottom.

After another account has been added, users will be able to switch between the multiple Instagram accounts to access different picture feeds, messages and comments. As users receive comments and likes on their picture, the push notifications will indicate which account of the several ones logged in is receiving the comments and likes.

"We are always testing new features within our community," said a spokesperson for Instagram when asked about the multiple account feature on the iOS version of the app, without revealing any more specific details regarding the matter.

Instagram has certainly been testing a low of new things lately, with the service also trying a cinematic experiment in the form of an exclusive thriller entitled "Shield 5."

The thriller series will be featured on Instagram for the whole month of February, with each of its 28 episodes only 15 seconds long.

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