What if in the Wild West shootouts and duels weren't about firing bullets, but instead about slapping down hands? That analogy gives you a glimpse into the premise behind a new card game named "Slap .45" that has launched on Kickstarter.

Made by Gnarwhal Studios, "Slap .45" has three to seven players slapping cards on a table to fire a gun first or collect the gold to fund your own band of bandits. Max Temkin, one of the creators behind the wildly successful party game "Cards Against Humanity," is also working on the "Slap .45" card game.

The project was posted on Kickstarter yesterday, asking for $18,850. It has already raised over $33,000 and will likely raise much more in the 28 days remaining. The only reward being offered in the project is a copy of the game for a $35 contribution, though an additional $15 is required for shipping outside of the U.S. The game is expected to be delivered in April 2015.

Gnarwhal Studios has also made "Humans vs. Zombies," a gigantic game of tag that is still being held worldwide. It was noted as a threat to America on "The Colbert Report."

"Cards Against Humanity" raised over $15,000 on Kickstarter in January 2011, making it one of the first success stories for the crowd-funding site. The creators have gone on to make four expansions as well as several small holiday-themed add-ons for the game.

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