Microsoft has several exciting news on the Windows 10 front, and one of them pertains to neat new improvements for its Maps app.

With the latest version, the Windows 10 Maps app finally boasts more exciting features, aiming to enhance the overall experience. The app will now allow users to view multiple search results on the same map, see their preferred spots offline, get turn-by-turn directions while driving and more.

The new Windows 10 Maps app will also show hotels and restaurants, for instance, on the same map, as well as layer various routes on top of the another.

"Our North star on the Maps team is to deliver the best map and navigation experiences on Windows far beyond directions alone," boasts Kushal Kapoor, Windows Maps team product marketing manager. "Local search, robust offline capability, 3D cities and street imagery are just a few of the things already available in the Windows 10 Maps app we know you love using every day."

The update is initially available only to Windows Insiders, reaching those in the Fast ring first. This allows testers to try out the app and submit their feedback to Microsoft so the company can smoothen any potential quirks and polish the software before the public release.

The new Windows 10 Maps app comes after the recent announcement that Here Maps would no longer work with the latest Windows OS starting March 29. Windows Phone users relied on Here Maps for a good while, so its imminent demise on Windows 10 deals a heavy blow to many.

However, while the latest Windows 10 Maps app aims to add more features and improve the experience, it still has a way to go before catching up with rival alternatives on Android and iOS.

Google Maps, for instance, recently got a notable update as well, and it now offers more ways to help users with their commutes.

The Windows 10 Maps app seems to be on the right track, but it remains to be seen when it will be ready for public release. With March 29 less than a fortnight away, Microsoft might want to speed up the process.

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