Samsung wants its devices to integrate better with one another, and this time it is Windows devices and Android smartphones that will get connected.

The OEM's new Galaxy TabPro S tablet recently received the Flow feature, which ensures the Windows 10 tablet plays nice with handsets using Android.

This is the first time when Android devices will work seamlessly with Windows PCs manufactured by Samsung. Flow offers some good insight on how Samsung wants to bridge Android devices with Windows gadgets.

One way in which Flow is useful is that it permits Android smartphone users to log into Windows PCs by using their handsets. Multiple login methods are in store: for example, users can press a handset's fingerprint reader to give the respective user access to the TabPro S. Should you be more into pattern authentication, Flow also lets you draw detailed shapes on smartphones to unlock the TabPro S.

All you need is the Flow application installed on your smartphone, and the integration will send authentication information to the TabPro S using NFC protocols.

Flow took some inspiration from the OEM's wearable line, Samsung Gear. Just like how a smartwatch displays the notifications you received on your phone, the TabProS is now able to show text messages or phone calls that you got on your Galaxy smartphone.

In case you turn your Galaxy phone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, Flow seamlessly links the TabPro S to the handset.

One nifty feature is that Samsung TVs can be used to mirror the display of the TabPro S. The capability already exists with the OEM's smartphones, but projecting the screen of the TabPro S onto a smart TV could bring a serious boost in productivity and entertainment.

Samsung puts a lot of effort into preparing itself for a future of integrated devices. The OEM already crafts smart home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators that owners can interact with via smartphones.

However, coordinating an Android and a Windows device is much more challenging because of the inherent differences in coding and protocols.

What is clear is that Flow packs a lot of untapped potential, and Samsung is looking forward to expanding it in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S officially launched the United States on Thursday, at a standard price point of $899.

It should be noted that TabPro S is the first of Samsung's tablets to run on Windows 10, as the Galaxy line mostly contains smartphones and tablets that run on Android.

With its price tag of $899 for the basic configuration, the TabPro S directly rivals Microsoft's base Surface Pro 4 model. Both tablets are powerful two-in-one devices that can function as tablets or as notebooks when paired with a compatible keyboard. Their specs are somewhat similar, both carrying 128 GB of storage and taking processing power from Intel Core M3 CPUs. Their super AMOLED screen is highly commended as it packs exquisite brightness, sharpness and a resolution of 2,160 x 1,440 pixels.

The Samsung tablet weighs almost 24 ounces, and has a thickness of only 0.25 inch.

Check out the full details about the "slim, sleek and stylish" tablet on Samsung's official site.

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