Previous reports revealed that the Google Glass project lives on through the wearable device's Enterprise Edition, the existence of which has never been acknowledged by Google.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition was said to have improved specifications with a new design that will allow it to be folded like traditional eyewear. The wearable device's updated frames are actually built around a button-and-hinge system, with its construction focusing on durable usage within the workplace.

The wearable device has now been spotted in the wild through an eBay listing, which was first spotted by Google news website 9to5Google. The website has independently confirmed that the device featured in the listing is indeed the unannounced Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

The eBay listing was uploaded by A to Z Pawnbroker, which initially priced the item at $299.00. At the time of writing, with nearly four days left until the auction ends, the current bid stands at $1,500.

The item, which is likely an internal unit created for testing purposes, is described as a gently used one and in working condition, it also comes with a USB cable and dust bag. No power adapter or any other accessories are included.

How did the unreleased wearable device make its way into the hands of a pawnshop? That part of the story is unknown, as when A to Z Pawnbroker was contacted by The Verge, a representative was only able to confirm that the item was being sold online. No information regarding how the pawnshop acquired the Google Glass Enterprise Edition could be provided.

It was previously reported that the wearable device will be powered by an Intel Atom processor with improved battery life compared to the Google Glass Explorer and wireless connectivity. The device is also said to feature a 5 GHz Wi-Fi band to video stream applications and an external battery pack which magnetically sticks to the device.

Reports claim that the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, once officially launched, will only be sold to certain businesses, with the companies the ones to develop custom software to carry out proprietary processes.

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