Duke Energy is set to use swine and poultry waste as energy source, the company announced on Monday.

Poop Power

The firm will be using poop from pigs and chickens, refine the gas and turn it into a renewable energy source that can power up to 10,000 homes a year.

"It is encouraging to see the technological advances that allow waste-to-energy projects in North Carolina to be done in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner for our customers," says Duke Energy President for North Carolina, David Fountain.

The captured methane gas will be treated, incorporated into the pipeline networks and used at four of Duke Energy's power stations

Partnering With Carbon Cycle Energy

The North Carolina's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard requires Duke Energy firms to comply with particular targets for animal natural waste as Duke is already purchasing electricity produced by other centers in the state.

Now, the company is partnering with Carbon Cycle Energy to meet these compliance objectives, says Fountain. He adds that the gas to be produced in this program will create carbon neutral electricity. This is way better than the emissions that would be produced if the waste would be left to decay in the natural way.

Carbon Cycle Energy will be the one to build and have the owner rights for the facility to fulfill its contract with Duke Energy. Although the final location has not yet been declared, it is expected to be in the eastern part of North Carolina.

Carbon Cycle Energy CEO James Powell says the company is glad that Duke Energy is showing support for its facility in North Carolina. He says there are further work to do such as complying with local regulations, finishing licensing requirements and accomplishing organic waste supply chain, but to have Duke Energy as a confirmed client is a major event.

Power By The Numbers

The contract is said to be effective for 15 years and during this period, Carbon Cycle Energy is expected to generate over 1 million MMBtus of captured methane gas every year. This means Duke Energy should get 125,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy each year.

Duke Energy has already filed the registration statements and additional information associated with plants being acknowledged as New Renewable Energy Facilities. Such move was done on March 18 with the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

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