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Renewables Produced More Energy Than Coal In The United States For The First Time

Are renewable energy sources poised to take over coal? Reports show that America's energy production from renewables surpassed coal in April and may continue to do so.

Energy May 4, 2019

Let It Snow! This Clever New Device Creates Electricity Out Of Snowfall

Forget solar panels, on snowy days, one can simply create electricity from snowfall. A team of researchers from UCLA figure out how to make a cheap, clever device that can generate charge from practically nothing.

Energy April 16, 2019

China Wants To Build Giant Solar Farm In Orbit To Harvest Sun's Energy

China has revealed plans to construct a massive power plant in space to beam back solar energy to Earth. The country is hoping to launch small to medium solar power stations to orbit around the planet by 2025.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2019

Renewable Energy Is Common Ground For Democrats And Republicans

As the battle lines are drawn for next month's hotly contested midterm elections, some Americans may be comforted to know there is at least one area of common ground for Democrats and Republicans. And, that's renewable energy.

October 16, 2018

Large-Scale US Wind Power Production Could Contribute To Warming Climate: Study

A new study by Harvard researchers suggests wind power's direct contribution to climate change. In the long run, however, wind power still fares much better than coal or gas.

Energy October 5, 2018

Building Large Wind And Solar Farms In The Sahara Could Help Green The Desert, Says Study

A new research found that installing wind turbines and solar panels across the Sahara Desert could supply energy for the entire world and turn the arid land into fertile soil. The renewable energy farm could increase precipitation across the landscape.

Earth/Environment September 9, 2018

California Will Require Solar Panels For New Homes

The state of California is prepared to vote on a mandate that will make solar panels a requirement for new homes. Once approved, builders will be required to meet the new standard to get a building permit.

Energy May 6, 2018

Thanks, Elon Musk: Australia Turns On Biggest Lithium-Ion Battery In The World

Elon Musk's largest lithium-ion battery installation in South Australia is now up and running. The clean energy project is set to provide power to not less than 30,000 homes across the region.

Business Tech December 2, 2017

Nuclear Power Out, Renewables In: Swiss Voters Decide On Country’s Energy Future

Voters have favored nuclear phaseout in Switzerland in favor of renewable energy. Learn more about the country's Energy Strategy program and the prospects for its energy supply.

Energy May 22, 2017

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Now Ready For Preorder, But Only In Two Options For Now: Elon Musk

Elon Musk has officially confirmed that starting Wednesday, May 10, Tesla's solar roof tiles are ready for preorder. Only two models will be available at first, with the other two to follow in roughly six months.

Business Tech May 10, 2017

Apple Pledges To Make iPhones And Other Products Using Only Recycled Materials: Environmental Responsibility Report

In its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple details the efforts it made so far and its goals for the future. The company pledged to make devices using only recycled materials, but has yet to figure out how to achieve this.

Apple April 21, 2017

Tesla Solar Roof Tile Orders Start Next Month, Says Elon Musk: Get Ready For Affordable Clean Energy Solutions

Tesla announced last year that it would offer solar roof tiles as a viable and affordable clean energy solution. Elon Musk has now confirmed that orders for solar roof tiles will kick off in April, so here's what you need to know.

Smart Home March 25, 2017

Largest Artificial Sun Could Be Key To New Method Of Producing Renewable Energy

Hydrogen can be a source of clean and renewable energy. The world's largest artificial sun, the Synlight, could pave the way for a new method of extracting hydrogen fuel.

Energy March 24, 2017

German Scientists Test 'World's Largest Artificial Sun,' Hoping To Make Hydrogen And Climate-Friendly Fuel

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center flipped the switch on the 'world's largest artificial sun,' called the 'Synlight' experiment. Synlight heralds a new era of experiments to produce climate-friendly fuel.

Energy March 23, 2017

Elon Musk: Powerwall 2 Can Solve South Australia's Energy Crisis In 100 Days - Or It's Free

Elon Musk confidently backs up Lyndon Rive’s claim that Tesla only needs 100 days to save South Australia from frequent blackouts, and bets the entire cost on it.

Energy March 11, 2017

Apple’s Solar Island In Japan To Boost Clean Energy Promise

Boosting the clean energy pledge of Apple, operations in Japan will be moving to 100 percent renewable energy use thanks to local supplier Ibiden’s 20 new facilities. Among them is a solar island that will generate 12 MW of solar power.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2017

WATCH: Cartoon Elon Musk On Hydrocarbons, Or Why Solar Will Bring An End To Oil

Futurism created a cartoon version of Elon Musk to better illustrate his points about the importance of harnessing and using solar energy to replace oil.

Feature | Science February 26, 2017

Airlines Slowly Turning To Renewable Energy To Reduce Carbon Emissions In 20 Years

The air transport sector is transitioning toward biofuels to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. To decide on the calibrated transition, the international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) convened an experts' conference in Montreal.

Energy February 14, 2017

Denmark Green Energy Group To Close Coal Power Plants By 2023: Future Belongs To Renewables

Denmark’s Dong Energy will phase out the use of coal in all its power plants in Europe by 2023 and will begin building Hornsea Project Two, the world's biggest offshore wind farm.

Energy February 7, 2017

Google Going Green To Fight Climate Change: Powering Data Centers With 100 Percent Renewable Energy In 2017

Google plans to go greener in 2017, aiming to fight climate change by using clean energy to power its data centers and offices worldwide. Google pledged to fuel its global operations on 100 percent renewable energy.

Google December 6, 2016

Tesla And SolarCity Power Entire Island With Solar Energy Microgrid [Video]

Tesla and SolarCity have announced a major solar power project, running an entire island on renewable energy. A massive microgrid can cover 'nearly 100 percent' of Ta'u island's energy needs, with renewable energy packs that can run for three days without sunlight.

Energy November 23, 2016

Marrakech Vision: World's Most Climate-Vulnerable Countries Aiming For 100 Percent Green Energy

As part of a meeting dedicated to combating climate change, representatives from the world's most disadvantaged 47 states have agreed to actively engage in environmental policies. The countries promised to switch fully to green energy by 2030 to 2050.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2016

Hydroelectric Dams May Be Good For The Earth But Bad For Human Health

A new study has revealed that, despite the reverence earned by hydroelectric dams as monuments of renewable energy sources, they pose a serious threat to the health of indigenous local communities. The food chain is most affected.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2016

You Know Apple. Now Say Hello To Apple Energy

Apple incorporated a new subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC, that will power its operations and sell excess clean energy.

Apple June 11, 2016

Chile Gives Away Electricity For Free Because It Produces Too Much

Thanks to a booming mining industry and economic growth, Chile is facing such an overwhelming surge in its solar energy industry that it has given away free electricity. The country continues to struggle toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

Energy June 6, 2016

Solar And Wind Energy In Single Device To Power 'Internet Of Things'

For the first time, researchers combined solar cell and nanogenerator technologies to convert solar and wind power into electricity and power the 'Internet of Things' when installed on real rooftops in huge numbers.

Energy May 28, 2016

New Solar Cells Transform Heat Into Usable Energy

Researchers from MIT have developed a device that allows solar cells to transform heat into electricity. Since the device depends on heat emissions rather than direct sunlight, the method can produce continuous flow of electricity.

Energy May 25, 2016

Portugal Runs Entirely On Renewable Energy For 107 Hours: Other Countries On Clean Energy

Portugal has set a new clean energy milestone as the whole country ran entirely on renewable sources for four straight days. Other countries all over the world have also achieved this feat.

Energy May 23, 2016

Solar Powered Plane Completes Three-Day Nonstop Flight Across The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Mountain View Sunday to culminate its Hawaii-California leg, deemed its riskiest so far. The solar-powered plane is deemed a major innovation in the use of clean technologies for air travel.

Energy April 25, 2016

Alaska SeaLife Center Replaces Fossil Fuel With Renewable Seawater System

Alaska SeaLife Center converts the use of fossil fuel into renewable seawater system for the heating and cooling needs of the center. The offices and labs within its building use almost 98 percent of low-cost renewable energy from the ocean.

Energy April 24, 2016

Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2016 With New Ad For Green Data Centers: iMessage Renewable Energy [Video]

Apple released a new advertisement, touting its green data centers in time for Earth Day 2016. The new ad showcased the company’s support to renewable energy and how users can show love every time they send an iMessage.

Apple April 22, 2016

Warren Buffett's Energy Company To Invest On $3.6 Billion Iowa Wind Project

Warren Buffett's MidAmerican Energy company sets to invest $3.6 billion on wind plant in Iowa. This project could supply 100 percent renewable energy for the state.

Society April 16, 2016

Graphene Solar Cell Generates Electricity From Sun And Rain

Scientists in China are developing revolutionary solar cells that could trigger electricity from both the sun and rain. The incredible process could lay the foundation for future all-weather solar panels.

Energy April 11, 2016

Investments In Renewable Energy In 2015 Totalled $286 Billion: UN

A major milestone was reached in renewable energy investments, which was more than double the amount invested in non-renewable resources. Developing countries led the numbers against developed countries.

Money March 29, 2016

Poop Power: Duke Energy To Use Poultry Waste As Energy Source

Duke Energy will turn to swine and poultry waste for energy. The company will start obtaining power from poop to create renewable energy and generate electricity.

Energy March 23, 2016

Whole Foods To Install Rooftop Solar System At 100 Stores

Whole Foods will soon harness solar energy in its stores. The Austin, Texas-based grocery chain aims to be among the biggest corporate solar energy users in the U.S., eyeing both environmental benefits and protection from future energy cost hikes.

Energy March 9, 2016

Engineers Build Solar-Powered Batteries Using Rust

Stanford researchers built solar batteries using metal oxides such as rust. This is hoped to pave the way for large-scale solar energy storage in the future, given solar power as a limitless resource.

Energy February 28, 2016

Morocco Launches World's Largest Solar Plant To Supply Renewable Energy To More Than 1 Million People

Morocco has switched on the first phase of its ambitious solar power plant, which is the world's biggest the time it is completed by 2018. It will provide electricity to 1.1 million and will export renewable energy to Europe and other parts of the world.

Energy February 6, 2016

California Upholds Net Metering Policy For Homeowners Using Solar Panels

California on Thursday voted to maintain its current net metering policy, allowing residential solar panel users to keep selling their excess electricity. The decision received both praise and criticism from experts.

Business January 29, 2016

Light Recycling Boosts Energy Efficiency Of Incandescent Light Bulbs

MIT researchers created a new incandescent light bulb with 21st century technology. The new light bulb prevents thermal energy from escaping by redirecting the heat and converting it back to light.

Energy January 12, 2016

Going Solar: Google Rolls Out Online Service To Help You Weigh Pros And Cons

Google has expanded its 'Project Sunroof' to help homeowners determine if going solar is worth it. Check out what are the Pros and Cons of using the online tool could be.

FUTURE TECH January 4, 2016

99 Percent Of Costa Rica's 2015 Electricity Comes From Renewable Sources

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute on Friday said that 99 percent of the country's electricity has been generated from renewable sources. The nation's milestones in renewable energy have placed it in the global spotlight.

Energy December 20, 2015

Water Treatment Plant In DC Plans To Generate Energy From Human Waste

Washington D.C.'s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant plans to derive energy from a highly unusual source: human waste.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2015

Blue-Green Algae Could Be New Source Of Green Power

Researchers recently invented a power cell that harnesses algae energy, a potential renewable energy source to help reduce fossil fuel dependence. The good news: blue green algae are found everywhere.

Energy November 26, 2015

Plant Lamp Draws Electricity From Plants And Soil

Peruvian researchers developed the plant lamp, which operates via energy stored in soil containing microorganisms and nutrients, released by plants as they grow. 10 prototypes had been sent to target rural communities known to have poor access to electricity.

Animals November 25, 2015

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