Swarm has given its app for Android and iOS a makeover, transforming it to become users' personal memory bank of the places they have been to.

Swarm 4.0 now throws in new and interesting features. Among these headline functionalities include a refreshed profile screen and a roundup of the best weekly check-ins of users' friends along with improved photos.

Revamped Profile

In a blog post introducing the brand new features packed into the updated app, via the Foursquare Blog, Swarm says that it has tweaked the profile screen of the app. The enhancement now includes "more insights on all the places [users] go and the people [they] go with."

The app now shows off a chart so users can check out the places they have checked-in the most for the last 60 days and their all-time history as well.

This way, the app becomes users' "personal memory bank" as it serves as a resource for drilling down for the places they have lately visited anywhere in the globe.

Improved Photos

Swarm says that it has beefed up how photos are displayed throughout this app so they appear "more gorgeous than ever."

The Weekly Swarm

Swarm also announces in its blog that it has crammed a new feature allowing users to view a weekly roundup of their friends' "most epic check-ins." Swarm calls this functionality "The Weekly Swarm."

It explains that users shall receive a notification as soon as this periodical recap is already available to view.

If you wish to get the first dibs of Swarm's design changes and added features, have your app updated to Swarm 4.0 for iOS or Android.

Nearly two years ago, Swarm spun out of the main Foursquare app. Since then, this offshoot app has evolved a lot, including the enhancement of its chat abilities along with the removal and restoration of rewards plus mayorships.

The mayorships feature in Swarm was reinstated back in June last year, giving users to have another chance to try out this fun feature and have another chance at becoming a mayor.

"When we first launched Swarm, you fiercely battled your friends for a chance at a Mayor crown. But it just wasn't as much fun. That's why today we're upping the ante and letting you compete for mayorships against everyone," reads an official blog post announcing the feature during the time.

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