Kuvée recently rolled out a smart bottle that can keep wine fresh for up to 30 days, and it comes packed with extra features.

There are three situations wherein the Boston startup's invention comes in handy.

First, there are people who enjoy a glass or two in the solitude of their home and cannot finish a bottle in one sitting. Not without engaging in philosophical dialogues with their cats, at least.

Then, there are couples who have opposing tastes in wine and are hesitant to open two bottles at the same time due to fear of spoiling one of them.

Third, some of us throw big house parties where everyone has a very particular taste in wine, and this means opening many different bottles of wine.

Kuvée's smart bottle, or better called, smart wine bottle container, can solve each of these issues.

The two reasons why wine gets sour after opening a bottle are light and air, and Kuvée touts that the design of its bottle container keeps both air and light away.

The container's metallic body protects the precious liquid from those pesky photons, and oxygen has nothing on it, as well. The valve system ensures that the only times when the air and the wine meet is while you pour the magic potion into a glass.

If the innovation reminds you of Keurig's quick-serving coffee devices, you may be right. While Keurig quickly disposes of the tiny doses of coffee, Kuvée relies on 750-milliliter bottles of wine to fill the container. What is more, the bottles are spill-proof, meaning that unless the bottles are loaded into the Kuvée container, you won't be able to enjoy the fine wine.

This might be a blessing and a curse, as buying the Kuvée basically hooks you to specific metal bottles sold by its partners. For the moment, 48 wine providers, mostly famous Napa Valley vineyards, are on the startup's list of providers. The company says that it plans to extend its list of wine assortments to more than 100 in the following period.

The metallic container offers a myriad of information via the display, and all the information comes straight from Kuvée's servers. You can quickly learn details about the type of wine you have in your bottle, the alcohol concentration, historical information about the vineyard, intelligent food pairing choices for your wine and more. By using the interface from the display, you may even order more of the same delicious beverage.

Keep in mind that you need a Wi-Fi connection active, and you should have your Kuvée container charged. That is one lackluster aspect of the wine container, as its manufacture guarantees a battery lifetime of five to six hours.

So, how much for the high-tech bottle?

The first 200 backers of the project are able to purchase the wine container for only $199 on IndieGoGo. To make this price more palatable, Kuvée throws in four bottles of wine for IndieGoGo backers. As the company places the retail value at $349, this is quite a bargain if you enjoy your wine-tasting parties with a spice of premium technology.

The Kuvee smart wine bottle will arrive in October.

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