Jurassic Park continues to be a classic film that we just have to watch every time it comes on TV as we channel surf. What better storyline to sink our teeth into than man recreating an ancient species from prehistoric DNA and putting them in a theme park, only to have the dinosaurs turn on them?

Just when we thought this movie couldn't get better, Mashable took it upon itself to recut the trailer to instead reimagine Jurassic Park as a nature documentary. And seriously, dinosaurs have never seemed so darn cute.

Renamed Raptors, the trailer to this nature documentary invites us to a remote island to see the wonderful world of dinosaurs.

With its upbeat tone, the narrator describes the film as story of life and survival. We are introduced to an adorable raptor named Littletail, and follow her on her journey as she starts to grow. This includes watching her egg hatch (check out those claws) and her taking her first steps.

The documentary also explores the emotions of these dinos as they experience love, wonder, joy, struggle and even danger.

While watching this adorable montage, we almost forgot how quick these little monsters were to turn on Chris Pratt in Jurassic World. But even if they are cold-blooded killers, after seeing the dinosaurs in this light, we kind of wish there was some sort of dinosaur petting zoo that really exists.

To create this version of Jurassic Park, Mashable used scenes from all four of the franchise's films. This includes some iconic views of the island with brontosauruses emerging from the water from the classic movie, as well as newer scenes from Jurassic World like the egg hatching, and the shot of dinosaur's eyes peeking out from the forest.

The trailer is cut so well, we actually buy into its whole family-friendly feel. With its The Land Before Time vibe, how could anyone get scared of Littletail?

Watch this sweet take on the terrifying dinosaurs in Jurassic Park in this awesome nature documentary trailer below.

Source: Mashable

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