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Researchers Warn Against Dangers Of 'Plant Blindness'

Scores of humans experience plant blindness, a nature deficit disorder characterized by underappreciation for plants. Researchers believe it can have an impact on the survival of plants, which have significant roles in religion, culture, and medicine.

Earth/Environment April 30, 2019

Study Identifies Quick And Easy Way To Sharply Reduce Stress Levels

A study found that taking a 20-minute walk in a park or a garden could significantly lower a person's cortisol levels. Scientists hope that the findings will lead to healthcare practitioners to start prescribing the so-called 'nature pills.'

Healthy Living/Wellness April 6, 2019

Harvard Scientists Take Inspiration From Nature For New Sugar Synthesis Method

Even though too much sugar is bad for health, small amounts of it are necessary for all living things to survive. A recent study by Harvard says that nature depends on sugars for a lot of things, even defense.

Material Science December 21, 2018

Living Near Green Public Spaces Can Reduce Depression By 70 Percent

Previously vacant lots that were cleaned and planted with grass and trees help reduce depression and make people happier. Here are other benefits of exposure to green space.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 21, 2018

Hungry Spiders Eating 800 Million Tons Of Insects Per Year Are Nature's Free Pest Control

The spiders, which consume around 800 million tons of insects per year, are nature's free pest control. They are not alone, however. Many other beneficial insects also exist to prevent the overpopulation of harmful insects in the environment.

Animals March 17, 2017

Access To Nature In Urban Areas Is Key To Healthier Living

Mental illness and mood disorders are more widespread in urban areas partly due to reduced access to nature, a new study has warned. How exactly is access to nature in urban cities important to well-being?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 6, 2016

Yes, Trees Also Sleep At Night (And Why This Is Important)

Scientists discovered that birch trees have a day/night cycle, and rest their branches when the sun goes down. The finding can help researchers learn more about the rhythms of plants.

Earth/Environment May 20, 2016

Nature Reclaims The Wasteland With 'Fallout 4' Mods

A combination of mods for 'Fallout 4' changes the dusty post-apocalyptic Wasteland into a lush and beautiful world where nature grows wild and the world becomes less brown and more green.

Video Games May 17, 2016

Watch This Sweet Take On Dinosaurs In This Reimagining Of 'Jurassic Park' As A Nature Documentary

The trailer for 'Jurassic Park' recut as a nature documentary reveals how adorably sweet raptors can be.

Movies/TV Shows March 29, 2016

Researchers Say Take A Walk In The Woods For Better Health

Japanese research has showed that walking in nature exposes people to positive substances that aid in health and well-being. Beneficial bacteria, plant-derived essential oils and negatively-charged ions which help plants defend themselves, also help humans.

Life February 1, 2016

Cancer Evolution Follows Natural Laws, Study Suggests

The laws of nature that govern the luminosity of stars or the flow of the Nile River are the same forces behind the mutation of tumors, a new study in London revealed. Experts believe this could someday help predict how cancers grow and develop in individual patients.

Life January 20, 2016

Warming Could Be Limited To 2°C If Major Economy Takes Lead In Climate Change Fight: Study

A new study published Oct. 26 in the journal Nature recommended that the European Union or the United States roughly double its ongoing 2030 emissions reduction goal. The leadership of major economies was deemed critical in the results of the upcoming Paris climate change conference.

Earth/Environment October 26, 2015

Engineers Build First Silicon Quantum Logic Gate: Breakthrough Overcomes Crucial Hurdle In Quantum Computing

An Australian team of engineers announced they have built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time. The breakthrough made it possible to calculate between two quantum bits of information and therefore cleared the last hurdle in making silicon quantum computing come to life.

Animals October 7, 2015

These Wooden Megaphones Amplify The Sound of Nature That Surrounds Them

A set of wooden megaphones has been installed in the Pähni Nature Centre in Estonia, amplifying the sounds of nature around them. The megaphones are large enough to sit inside, allowing park visitors to relax to the sounds of nature.

Animals September 28, 2015

Legendary Animator Hayao Miyazaki Is Building A Kids Nature Park In Japan

Japanese animation legend Hayao Miyazaki is putting his fortune to good use. He's paying $2.5 million for a 10,000 square meter children's nature park in Japan.

Internet Culture September 11, 2015

This Is What The Wildlife In 'Grand Theft Auto V' Is Up To When You Aren't Looking

Check out this fan-made nature documentary about the wildlife in Rockstar's 'Grand Theft Auto V.'

Geek August 27, 2015

Being Exposed To Nature Good For Sleep: Study

Need better sleep? Go and enjoy nature, said researchers, offering further proof that spending time outdoors has health benefits, most especially for those 65 years old and above.

Life August 25, 2015

Drones Overhead Make Bear Hearts Beat Faster

Bears may be more bothered by drones than their outward behavior suggests. When scientists strapped heart monitors on American black bears, they saw heart rates spike as drones flew by.

August 13, 2015

Here's The Quietest Spot In The United States

Separating oneself from the hustle and bustle of life can be a logistical nightmare — but, if you happen to find yourself in Washington state, you can stop and take a break in the quietest spot in the country.

Animals July 29, 2015

How Do You Make A Documentary About Bats And Crocodiles Better? Add Lasers And Explosions

With some savvy editing skills, one YouTuber turned a BBC nature documentary about bats and crocodiles into a futurustic war for survival.

Internet Culture June 25, 2015

Researchers Have Found A Way To Generate Lightning - With Rockets

Lightning is an immensely powerful force of nature, but it's extremely hard to research - bolts of electricity aren't exactly predictable. That said, a team of scientists may have just found a way around said unpredictability...

Animals June 25, 2015

DNA Analysis Provides New Insight Into Ancient European Migration

Teams of geneticists, archaeologists and linguists gain new insight into migration patterns in ancient Europe. These findings resulted from an extensive analysis of DNA samples made by experts in three fields of science.

Animals June 16, 2015

EU Environmental Law Review Sparks Fierce Debate: 'Biggest Threat To Nature?'

Environmental activists suggest that the review to European Union laws related to nature are the biggest threat to nature. Current laws protect nature and provide significant socio-economic benefits.

Earth/Environment May 13, 2015

Earth Day 2015: 7 Facts You Need To Know About The Holiday's History And Origins

You probably know Earth Day has something to do with the earth. But do you know when, why and how this national holiday came to be?

Feature April 20, 2015

The 5 Best Nature Documentaries Streaming On Netflix

Netflix recently announced that it will soon create its own original nature documentary series, 'Our Planet.' However, until that series becomes available, here are five other nature documentaries on Netflix you can watch now.

Internet Culture April 15, 2015

How To Survive Allergy Season Without Spending Spring Indoors

Allergy season is unfortunately already under way in most parts of the country. Here's how you can enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine without your sneezing and watery eyes getting you down.

Feature March 24, 2015

Terrifying Octopus Jumps Unsuspecting Crab, Drags It Into Its Underwater Lair

Reminder: Everything in nature is trying to kill you.

Internet Culture February 23, 2015

Photographer Captures Amazing Wind-Crafted Sand Sculptures Frozen For Brief Moment On Lake Michigan Shoreline

Stunning natural sand sculptures are created by wind, water and freezing temperatures on Lake Michigan shoreline. Photos of unique phenomenon go viral.

Animals February 22, 2015

New Study Suggests That Art, Nature And Spirituality Make Us Healthier

A recent study done at Berkeley University shows that inspirational activities that involve art, nature and spirituality that inspire positive emotions in us has a direct link with the body's anti-inflammatory abilities.

Life February 5, 2015

The British Library Needs Your Help To Save The UK's Sounds

For years, the British Library has preserved sounds throughout time and from around the United Kingdom. But now the institution needs your help to preserve the nation's history.

Movies/TV Shows January 15, 2015

5 Best Holiday Gifts For Nature Lovers

Nature lovers come in many forms, from birdwatchers to hikers and campers. Here are some great gift ideas for anyone who loves to be outside.

Life December 17, 2014

10 Cutest Animal Science Discoveries of 2014

The 10 cutest animal discoveries of the year were named by editors at the journal Nature. Here are their picks for 2014.

December 16, 2014

Scientists Copy Spider's Vibration Monitor: What Are the Applications?

Spiders were the inspiration for the development of a new device capable of detecting even slight vibrations. But, what could it mean for the future?

December 11, 2014

Nature Publishers Giving Free Access to 'Read-Only' Articles

Scientific articles published in the journal Nature will now be available for free to anyone who receives an online link. Here is how the new system works, and why publishers are offering free access.

December 2, 2014

Watch one badass porcupine fend off 17 lions [Video]

An unfortunate porcupine is surrounded by a pride of 17 lions. Will it survive?

Internet Culture November 6, 2014

Newly discovered dinosaur 'Deinocheirus mirificus' totally looks like Jar Jar Binks

It's not everyday that a new dinosaur is discovered: it takes years of research just to find the skeleton. So, when Deinocheirus mirificus was revealed, people weren't expecting it to look like Jar Jar Binks from 'Star Wars.'

Geek October 24, 2014

Scientists capture snapshot of protein HIV utilizes to spread infection

The images captured of the surface spike protein used by HIV to combine with and infect healthy cells can lead to the development of new vaccines and drugs.

Life October 11, 2014

Human efforts to protect nature not good enough to hit 2020 goal: UN

Human efforts not good enough to protect nature and hit 2020 goals to preserve biodiversity. The United Nations (UN) urges governments to double their efforts to protect biodiversity.

Animals October 7, 2014

Japan lab still trying to replicate controversial stem cell study, reboots stem cell lab

Japanese research institute announces restructuring of stem-cell unit in controversy surrounding retraction of published studies. Papers appearing in journal Nature were retracted amid allegation of poor research ethics.

August 27, 2014

Can a monkey own a photograph copyright? Yes, at least according to Wikimedia

A nature photographer can't copyright images that were snapped by a monkey or any other nonhuman animal, says Wikimedia. But David Slater, a nature photographer, believes otherwise and says he facilitated the captured images and wants royalties for their use.

Arts & Culture August 7, 2014

Want to hang with wolves? Florida's Seacrest Wolf Preserve will let you

Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida lets visitors get up close and personal with real wolves, in an effort to improve education and preservation of wolves.

Earth/Environment August 2, 2014

Pangolins, world's most illegally-traded animals, will be eaten to extinction

Eight species of pangolins, a scaly anteater native to Asia and Africa, have been added to the list of threatened species. Could these 'walking artichokes' go the way of the dodo?

Earth/Environment July 30, 2014

Decline of wild bird population linked to use of neonicotinoid pesticides: Study

A study from the Netherlands revealed that neonicotinoids, linked to the declining bee population, are also affecting bird species such as the mistle thrush.

Earth/Environment July 10, 2014

Supermassive black hole may rid Milky Way of ability to form stars

Researchers found that supermassive black holes emit large amounts of hydrogen gas at incredibly fast rates due to jets of high energy electrons, and probably leech galaxies of cold gases. The phenomenon will likely prohibit galaxies from forming new stars, as it will do to the Milky Way in 5 billion years.

Space July 8, 2014

Nature journal retracts papers on 'breakthrough' stem cell discovery after discovering 'critical errors'

Nature retracted two papers published in January describing a simple method of producing stem cells from adult human cells. Failure to replicate the work, errors in image descriptions, and accusations of plagiarism led the renowned scientific journal to formally retract the studies.

July 6, 2014

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