MUV Interactive and Silicone Technology Launch BIRD Wearable in Japan


MUV Interactive and Silicon Technology jointly announced on April 5 in Japan the launch of BIRD, a new smart wearable device that attaches to the tip of any finger. The product, which is being sold through Silicon Technology and its partners, is designed to give users a new, intuitive way to interact with their technology.

"As [a] country that loves high tech, innovation and great invention, Japan is absolutely a natural choice for this exciting launch," said Rami Parham, CEO of MUV Interactive. "We are confident that, along with the help of our partners, BIRD will be a huge success and change the landscape of interaction and cooperation with digital content within the education and corporate sectors in Japan."

BIRD has algorithms that gather and analyze data from various sensors in real-time. This data reflects the user's intent. For example, pointing in a specific direction can activate the device and allow it to communicate with another piece of technology.

The product is built around the foundation of the Internet of Things, which promotes the connectivity of multiple devices. The creators of BIRD hope that users will be able to dim their lights, turn on their coffee machine and switch off their televisions using the product.

"BIRD frees you from your tablet, computer and smartphone," the creators state on the MUV Interactive website. "Control the room, control all of the rooms, at a fingertip. No switching devices. No waiting. No complications."

For consumers who may not be in Japan, BIRD is currently available for preorder at a price of $399, and shipping is set to begin in the fall of 2016. The device is compatible with Windows 7 through 10, as well as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Android 4.4 Kit Kat and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Structurally, BIRD is about three inches long and comes in a sleek black and white design. The product is being marketed to everyone from kids to working professionals.

BIRD was the first product created by Israel-based MUV Interactive, which is dedicated to the development of technology for wearable products. Thus far, MUV Interactive has raised $4.5 million from investors and has three patents pending in 15 countries.

See BIRD in action here:

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