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Apple Wants You To Rent A Bird Scooter Using Apple Pay And NFC

Apple appears to be betting big on NFC to expand Apple Pay’s horizons. It’s apparently partnering with Bonobos and a handful of other services to make different transactions more frictionless.

Apple May 14, 2019

New Avian Study Could Rewrite What We Know About Bird Evolution

New research argued that ancestry and behavior, not diet, are the primary drivers of the evolutionary changes in avian skulls. In the biggest study of its kind, researchers analyzed a total of 352 bird skulls.

Animals February 20, 2019

Giant Elephant Birds Were Blind And Likely Active At Night

According to a new study, elephant birds are not only nocturnal, they might also be blind. The researchers from University of Texas at Austin digitally recreated the brains of the giant avians using two skulls and CT-imaging.

Animals November 1, 2018

MUV Interactive and Silicone Technology Launch BIRD Wearable in Japan

BIRD, which is being sold through Silicon Technology and its partners, is designed to give users a new, intuitive way to interact with their technology.

Wearable Tech April 5, 2016

MUV's Bird Finger Wearable Can Turn Space Into Input Devices

MUV Interactive's Bird input device is described as "a tiny wearable for your finger that makes any space interactive." MUV CEO and co-founder Rami Parham hopes that the Bird can find applications beyond gaming and TV.

Wearable Tech October 13, 2015

Researchers Capture And Tag Australian Night Parrot, One Of The Most Elusive Birds In The World

A bird thought to be extinct for more than a century now was found in Australia. Experts were delighted to have discovered the habitat of night parrots in the country and are now conducting further studies on these elusive birds.

Animals August 11, 2015

Evolution of Bird Plumage Color Also Affected By Predation

New research revealed that the evolution of the color of the plumage of birds is more affected by natural selection than sexual selection.

Earth/Environment March 30, 2015

Annual Year-End Bird Count Begins: 115-Year-Old Tradition Still Going Strong

The National Audubon Society starts the 115-year-old Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 14. The data collected from this tradition helps scientists track bird populations.

Earth/Environment December 16, 2014

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