Microsoft may unveil three variants of its Surface phone sometime in early 2017.

These three models of the long-rumored premium flagship may finally see the light of day alongside other new Windows 10 devices, claims a report.

Citing its sources who are said to be "close to Microsoft's plans," Windows Central reports that these upcoming three variants of the much-anticipated Microsoft Surface phone are aimed at different pricing tiers and markets.

Another interesting information the sources have revealed is that Microsoft may be readying three models to include in its Surface phone family, ranging from Consumer, Business or Prosumer / Enthusiast.

While details on the difference of these categories are still scarce at the moment, word has it that the three Surface phones may differ on features and price points. It is speculated that variations in internal storage, processors and features may be part of the differentiation.

If this speculation turns out to be true, this may support with what Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella told in July 2015 to ZDNet about the phone's "three segments."

"For people who love Windows, we'll have a flagship device ... For business customers, it's about custom apps they want to deploy onto those endpoints with management and security," said Nadella. "For the value smart phone segment, I want to focus on where we can put Office and our communications and Skype ... Let's grow from there."

The three variants of the phone could come out along with the rolling out of the Windows 10 Redstone 2 probably in spring of 2017.

Windows Central likewise discusses about Microsoft pulling back the development of its Lumia line. It lays out a slew of reasons regarding the matter, including:

1. Windows 10 Mobile is still presently being developed and beefed up;

2. Microsoft allows OEM partners to have some breathing room to build new hardware; and

3. Give the company enough time to come back with a strong produce that could make a splash and that could take the market by storm.

In January, Microsoft China accidentally unveiled its smartphone named Lumia Phone X. During the time, rumor was rife that this could be the Surface phone that many have speculated about for several months now.

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