HTC 10 Rumored To Have Front Camera With Optical Image Stabilzation


HTC recently uploaded a video teaser for the upcoming HTC 10 flagship smartphone that focuses on the capabilities of the device's camera.

In the video, HTC claims that it obsessively perfected every optical detail on the HTC 10's high-quality camera, which has made fans wonder what the company has in store for the planned unveiling of the smartphone on April 12.

New rumors point to the fact that HTC will be making a world first on the selfie camera of the HTC 10, specifically that the front-facing camera will have optical image stabilization technology. The feature has traditionally only been applied to the rear-facing cameras of smartphones.

The production team of SmileBooth, a photo booth service, has apparently been able to acquire the HTC 10, and has posted several photos that were claimed to be taken using the smartphone's selfie camera. The pictures were posted through a Twitter account named Kisha Bari, which is mostly used to test the photo booth service of the company.

In the posted photos, it was alleged that the HTC 10 contained the world's first OIS selfie camera, with the pictures containing the hashtag #powerof10 that was also seen in the previously released video teaser for the smartphone.

The pictures uploaded to Twitter went through compression though, which makes it difficult to judge the quality of the pictures. That is, if the pictures were really taken using the HTC 10 and that the selfie camera of the smartphone really has optical image stabilization technology applied to it.

The images have already been taken down from Twitter. Thankfully, Android news website Phandroid was able to grab copies of the images before these were deleted.

The front-facing camera of smartphones has grown from a gimmick into a necessity, with popular apps such as Snapchat fully utilizing the selfie camera. Selfie addicts, along with other users that heavily use the front-facing camera, will definitely welcome optical image stabilization technology as it would lead to pictures with better quality.

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