We all say that we want to get in shape, but half the battle is actually showing up at the gym.

After coming home from a long day, the last thing we want to do is head out to work out. Then, there are times when we actually want to hit the weights, but something comes up and we have to skip yet another gym day. If only we could afford our own home gyms.

Sure, you can pop in a workout DVD or browse through YouTube videos, but it doesn't really give you the feeling of being in the gym with the exercise equipment you want to use. However, now, all fitness enthusiasts need is their smartphone and this workout system called Move It to be able to have their very own personal smart home gym.

Developed by the Hong Kong-based startup Eggplant Technologies, Move It is an all-in-one mobile-connected smart gym platform that provides strength-training and cardio to help you get in shape from the comfort of your own home.

The gadget itself is compact and stands upright, but separates to feature four pieces of exercise equipment: an ab wheel, resistance band, two push-up handles and a jump rope. These allow the user to work out each part of their body, as well as get their cardio in.

You might be thinking that you can just buy these all separately from your local sporting goods store and be set, but all the items in the Move It system connect to smart handles that have 3D gyro, pressure, radio frequency and infrared sensors that track movements precisely in real-time.

The smart handles are interchangeable so that they can plug in to all of the Move It equipment, as well as other fitness equipment the company decides to add in the future.

Move It works with its accompanying app to wirelessly provide instant feedback on form, as well as tell the user how many calories they burned and how many reps they did.

The app provides users with a home personal trainer, because it includes both live and pre-recorded workouts you can follow along to. These are all designed for different fitness levels so you can work your way to more advanced "classes" as you continue on your fitness journey. Since the sensors track your performance, the app will be able to suggest the best level of difficulty to find the most appropriate workout video.

There is also a social element in the app, which allows users to compete against their friends or find friends to work out with in real-time.

Eggplant Technologies launched an Indiegogo campaign on Wednesday to help bring this smart home gym system to consumers, and it has already raised more than its $30,000 goal. Those who pledge $159 plus shipping will get Move It for 30 percent off its retail price when it ships this August.

Source: Indiegogo

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