Epic Games has released a blazing new trailer that showcases the potential of the most recent hero(es) from Paragon, the recent title from the company that brought Gears of War.

Meet Iggy & Scorch, a dream-team that is set to add new strategies and flavors to the intense matches that take place in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

PS4 players will be the first to get their hands on Iggy & Scorch after the scheduled update goes live on Thursday, April 21.

The havoc-wrecking duo is a caster with potent lane control capabilities. Iggy, who looks like a crossbreed between a goblin and hairless gremlin, rides Scorch into battle and places flame turrets that zone out the foes.

Iggy has a good throwing arm, which he uses to pellet enemies with Molotov cocktails. Scorch, in return, is able to secrete flammable oil, which boosts Iggy's damage over time. Scorch also extends the area that takes damage from his rider's fiery gifts.

Observant readers must have noticed that the team of misfits is ignition-focused, so things are about to heat up.

Every Paragon hero is free to play, so those who joined the Early Access group will be able to ride alongside Iggy and Scorch on its release day. Should you want to join the Early Access right now, nothing is easier: purchase the Founder's Pack that is suitable for you and jump into action.

By pre-ordering the Essentials Edition disc, players get access to Iggy & Scorch Master Challenge, which means that they get boots, skins and a myriad of different rewards.

In November last year, Epic Games released a tantalizing Paragon video trailer, hinting at the potential of the TwinBlast character. The lean assassin looked like he had an exoskeleton of sorts, and wielded two mean-looking pistols. At that time, details were scarce, but following the alpha testing phase, the Reddit community agrees that damage and critical strikes are essential focus areas for the character.

What remains to be seen are the main assets of Iggy & Scorch, and we will keep you posted. Meanwhile, the new hero team is seen in action in the trailer below.

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