The Android version of Giphy is now out of the cage and free at last, allowing users to share all the GIFs they want on other apps.

Before this update rolled out, the app was only limited to Facebook Messenger, where it launched back in 2014. Needless to say, that meant GIF lovers could only use the app's treasure trove of content on that particular messaging platform.

It should also be noted that Giphy for iOS got the better end of the deal when the developers rolled out this feature there first back in October. Long story short, the playing field just got leveled.

On the app, users can search and browse through an arguably inexhaustible supply of GIFs to their hearts' content, and use those animated jewels to make conversations livelier and more colorful. They can even send a message that words alone can't express.

Now, this updated mobile Giphy isn't exactly the complete package, though, as it doesn't have a log-in page or a way for users to upload GIFs they want to show off to the world. In other words, it's essentially just for browsing through animated pictures and sharing them with friends and family.

With fingers crossed, the whole deal will go official on the mobile app in the near future. On that note, it's a safe bet to assume that, if that does happen, it'll go live on iOS first, on account of the current track record. Nevertheless, any kind of update toward that dream is more than welcome.

For those who are itching to send avalanche after avalanche of GIFs everywhere, the updated Giphy for Android is already available at the Google Play Store.

In related news, the developers recently released a new tool for the OS X that can turn any object on the user's desktop into a GIF, and that's just GIFtastic.

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