The music site and app Noted is making it even easier for users to stumble upon new music. The company announced on Tuesday, April 26 the launch of a new social music discovery tool that helps users find new music that is recommended by music bloggers.

Available on the Web, as well as for iOS and Android, Noted already allows users to uncover new music and share these tracks that are recommended by people they know and trust, like their close friends - because no one knows your music preferences better than the people you rock out to the radio with during long drives.

The platform works by allowing users to post songs from libraries that include those from SoundCloud and YouTube. These songs are displayed in the user's profile, making it a playlist their friends can also listen to.

While you might find your next favorite song this way, the new discovery tool brings in another trusted source to the platform: music bloggers.

Starting today on the website, users can browse for music blogs in the "Explore" section to start following bloggers with similar tastes in music.

This tool enables users to not only continue to discover new music, but also connect with bloggers who are passionate about specific genres of music on a social level. With the launch of the feature, Noted added more than 100 top music blogs.

These music bloggers, as well as algorithms, help pick the best types of songs that are presented based on each user's personal tastes. The platform aggregates posts from these music blogs to help users be exposed to tracks from trusted sources.

"It's effortless, targeted and opens the door to endless possibilities for social music discovery," co-founder and CEO Ben Hewitt said in a press release. "We use what we learn about our users to suggest blogs that they might like and then let them take it from there. The users have less friction for discovery and the blogs get high-quality targeted marketing."

The types of blogs displayed are based on the users' interactions on the platform. This means if you listen to EDM music, you will be presented with bloggers that also prefer this genre. Simply "follow" the blogger to start finding music that they share. The songs the blogger posts will then appear in your feed, and you can click a link to be redirected to the actual blog post to learn more about the track or artist.

While this discovery feature is only available on the website, the company revealed that it will be rolled out to the app "soon."

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