First it was fictional character names, then Instagram filters in 2015. Now airlines has made its way to becoming a real human baby's name and the child's name is Jet Star.

On April 22, a team of doctors and the crew of Jet Star flight 3K583 from Singapore to Myanmar successfully aided and delivered a 6 pounds, 7 ounces baby boy shortly after landing in Yangon. Pleased with the care the pregnant woman received from the airline, the family decided to name their little boy Saw Jet Star.

Now begins the story of Jet Star's free marketing wherever the boy goes and the possible conflicting emotions the little boy would have as he grows up and tries to determine what possessed his parents to not give him a well thought out actual human being's name like, perhaps, become the namesake of the actual person who called the shots in order to give the mother and child utmost care.

"The Jetstar crew on board 3K583 led by Customer Service Manager, Mr Saw Ler Htu exercised utmost care and concern for the passenger, calling for medical assistance on board the aircraft when required," Jetstar's Facebook page stated.

Alright, perhaps it also has something to do with the SG$1,000 worth of baby supplies that Jetstar gave the family or it really is just the overwhelming gratitude and exhaustion that took over after pushing out a 6 pound baby from her belly.

The point is that more and more parents are giving their children very eccentric and unconventional names that beg the question "why on earth would you subject your kid to that?"

Other baby names that would just make people wonder if the child's parents hated them would be Winner and Loser, Hashtag, Facebook and-we kid you not-Tula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Let's not forget the names of two children born from a musician who is millions in debt and a member of a reality tv family. Do you need directions to guess those correctly?

According to Mark Mason from The Spectator, the trend has to do with parents desperately trying to make their children stand out. However, as more and more children are christened with unusual monikers, it not only gets confusing, it also make the names stand out less.

"In an attempt to make their children stand out, parents are only helping them to blend in," Mason said.

Even Syndrome from Disney Pixar's The Incredibles understood the concept. After all, he was the one who said: "When everyone's super, no one will be."

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