Google's OnHub router is now smarter than ever before as it now supports home automation via IFTTT, following the most recent update for the device.

Upon launching OnHub a few months ago, Google promised to add in more smart home functionalities for the router, and it's starting to come to fruition.

For the uninitiated, IFTTT stands for "If This, Then That." It is an online tool automating a wide array of devices and services. IFTTT is using formulas named recipes in automating specific behaviors based on a device's location, some activities, or time of day.

With the IFTTT integration, users now have more control over the router and more devices, by creating so-called automation recipes. But, of course, Google OnHub should have to be in version 7978.51.0 to enjoy this feature.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With the update onboard, users will also benefit from these new features of the device:

1. Updated device usage graphs within the app;

2. Display of usage data for wired services; and

3. General performance and stability tweaks.

With the help of this home automation feature, users, for example, can switch off their Philips Hue lights once they leave home.

Users will also receive a notification, via their Gmail account, when someone connects or disconnects from the network, making it useful for those who wish to piggyback off the internet. Since users will be quickly notified when other people have connected, owners can also boot them off the network. On top of that, users can also create a recipe to prioritize a device on an Android Wear timepiece.

Users have to make note that IFTTT is all online, which means users have to be connected to the web for the recipes to work.

Android Police reports that it appears that the device "does what it's supposed to."

"The delay after triggering a recipe isn't bad (just a few seconds), and there are some useful things you can do with it," says the report.

At the moment, one can grab the router via Amazon at $200.

In any case, the abovementioned newly added features are a welcome treat for owners of the Google's OnHub.

Google has pushed out a video that shows off what users can do via IFTT, and you can watch it all below:

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