Samsung is launching the Charm fitness tracker in select markets across the globe, going beyond the first four: Korea, France, Italy and Russia.

Right off the bat, it's a pretty functional wearable, but of course, it doesn't pack in as many features as the Gear S2. With that said, it still gets the job done, from counting steps to alerting the user of an incoming call, text or any other notification along those lines.

Thanks to a built-in storage system, Charm doesn't even need to be paired with a smartphone at all times to keep tabs on the wearer's health.

As for battery life, it boasts a 17 mAh pack, and according to Samsung, it can go for up to 14 days on a single charge. Needless to say, it'll typically miss that mark because of all the varying factors involved on this front, but at any rate, it's easy to juice up via the Pogo-pin charging cradle it comes with out of the box.

Described as an extraordinary band of sorts, it sports a "sleek design," making it look "more like a piece of jewelry than an electronic device." That's what the South Korean smartphone maker says at least. It's available in black, gold and rose quartz.

"Wear it alone for a sophisticated look or layer it with other trendy bracelets to complete an outfit that's uniquely you," Samsung says, giving some sort of unsolicited fashion advice.

Compatibility-wise, it works with any smartphone running on Android 4.4 KitKat or later and S Health 4.6 or newer. This goes without saying, but it won't be restricted to the likes of the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge.

Meanwhile, Samsung didn't really say where it's going to roll Charm out, but nevertheless, it's worth looking out for.

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