Google Image Search Gets Ads: Mobile Shoppers Get New Way To Buy Stuff


Google is going to incorporate Shopping ads on the mobile image search results page, giving both shoppers and non-shoppers a good look at sponsored products.

As for what this entails exactly, whenever a user types in a search query for an item, Images will yield links to websites where they can buy the item. On top of that, they'll also have the option to filter them out by color, type and location.

According to Google, the reason why it's implementing ads is because users usually ask the questions "What's the price of this?" and "Where can I buy it?" on Images.

"Whether they're looking for a new sofa or the perfect pair of earrings, people who search and shop on their smartphones at least once a week say that product images are the shopping feature they turn to most," Google says.

In other words, the Mountain View-based company is simply meeting the users — or at least a good portion of them — halfway with this.

While Google says that this is to help shoppers get the product they're looking for, this looks like a way to get them to use its services instead of typing directly on retailers such as Amazon.

Meanwhile, that's not all that the company has up its sleeves, as it's beefing up its local inventory ads. For the uninitiated, it's a feature that allows stores to list down the products they currently hold at specific locations.

With the update, users can now check whether a store offers in-store pickup or not and search through the shops' inventory to determine whether it currently has the item they want to buy in stock. Long story short, they can spare themselves from a wasted trip or two thanks to this.

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