Everyone has an opinion on Donald Trump. It doesn't really matter if you think he's the greatest thing on Earth or the vanguard of the biblical Apocalypse - love him or hate him, American voters will have to put up with him for the next several months as the presidential campaign lumbers on.

Of course, pop culture has been quick to skewer Trump and his numerous gaffs - but few have done it quite so literally as Bossa Studios.

A recent update to Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition has put the leading Republican Presidential candidate himself on the operating table. The Inside Donald Trump update is exactly what it sounds like: players are tasked with performing a heart transplant on everyone's 'favorite' Presidential candidate.

In Surgeon Simulator, heart transplants are a relatively simply procedure - but Trump's turn on the slab is a bit different from the base game.

Instead of simply smacking the patient's ribs open and dropping a fresh organ into the resulting hole, the Inside Donald Trump version also asks players to choose which sort of heart to use. Trump supporters will likely gravitate toward the shiny golden heart, while critics will probably want to go with the rock.

If that sounds ridiculous enough on its own, just wait until you see it in action:

The fact that the Inside Donald Trump update even made it past certification is amazing. It's rare that a media property would target someone so specifically - though one could say that, after everything he's said and done over the past year or so, Donald Trump has it coming.

So far, the man himself has yet to issue a statement ... but, if his history is anything to go by, it won't be long before he does.

Oh, and as for the transplants themselves, Bossa Studios is keeping track of which heart players are using - and as of this writing, the rock is winning by quite a bit.

For anyone hoping to take a shot at the operation, you'll need Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition. Conveniently enough, it's on sale right now, and you can grab the game for just a few dollars over on Steam - the update itself is completely free.

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