Utah Man Claims To Discover Fossilized Bigfoot Skull While Hiking


Todd May from Ogden, Utah has always had a knack for finding interesting things during his long walks near his home, but what he found on one particular hike ended up making him the talk of the town.

Instead of coming across the usual rocks and fossils, May stumbled upon a large 75-pound object, which he claims could be a well-preserved skull of a Bigfoot.

Fans of the occult know Bigfoots as giant, mysterious creatures that are said to roam the wilderness of the Northwestern United States.

While tales about these ape-like beings have sprung up more than a few times in the past, no one has ever produced any concrete evidence of their existence. May, however, stressed that what he had found is the proof many people have been waiting for.

May said he has been interested in Bigfoots for quite some time, especially since he lives in one of the hot spots for the creatures' sightings. In fact, he claims to have seen two of the mysterious creatures in the past.

He said the first time he encountered a Bigfoot, he was startled by its ape-like features. He added that the Bigfoot had appeared suddenly out of nowhere but it ran off as soon as they made eye contact with each other.

It was then that May decided to visit Ogden Canyon more often in the hopes of catching another glimpse of the giant creature. He also met a few other people who said they saw a Bigfoot during these trips.

In one of his visits to the canyon, May said he came across another creature, this time it was larger than the one before and had red fur. He said the second encounter frightened him even more.

Despite receiving criticism from other people who dismiss his claims as hoaxes, May remains convinced that what he had found and experienced is true.

"There's haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don't like that I found something first," the amateur Bigfoot hunter said.

Prof. Jesse Carlucci, a geoscience expert from Midwestern State University who examined the large object May found, said that it is nothing more than a piece of rock that went through severe weathering.

Carlucci pointed to the natural fractures on the rock as proof of chemical breakdown, which often occurs when it is exposed to rainwater.

Fossil skulls, on the other hand, are very fragile objects made of bone. They have a totally different composition and texture compared to rocks. This means the object that May found is not a skull of a Bigfoot, Carlucci explained.

Photo: Bob Doran | Flickr

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