Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO has teamed up with American actor Charlie Sheen for its new condom product, LELO HEX.

Last year, Sheen went public that he tested positive for HIV and announced his condition on national TV during an interview with Today show's Matt Lauer. Sheen's announcement has led to a widespread HIV and AIDS awareness that could help in furthering prevention efforts.

"What may feel like five seconds of inconvenience, or a halted, or thwarted moment can absolutely prevent a lifetime of potential grief and suffering," said Sheen, referring to how some people associate condoms with less connection and pleasure.

The LELO HEX condom is the world's first re-engineered condom that marked a major condom innovation in 70 years. What makes up this so-called "condom of the future" is its visible and unique hexagonal web that runs throughout the latex.

From the 7 years spent in research and tests, the company's engineers have discovered that the condoms break and slip not because of the material, but because of the structure.

The LELO HEX condom takes inspiration from the world's strongest, thinnest material, graphene, which has a hexagonal structure.

LELO also points to the unique hexagonal structure that allows snake scales to move a certain way or why honeycombs are shaped the way they are. The reason is that hexagons are not only symmetrical and strong, but they also tessellate in a perfect manner. LELO adds that hexagons are nature's "go-to shape" for everything that needs to be lightweight and strong.

A single LELO HEX condom has 350 individual hexagons that allow it to mold uniquely to the wearer. The product's tailor-fit then delivers both comfort and intimacy.

But hold your hormones. The LELO HEX condom is not available in stores yet. The company has a crowd-funding project whose goal is to get 10,000 people to back the groundbreaking innovation. The company now has over 7,500 people interested.

This two-month project is called the "HEX Appeal," which allows thousands of project backers to get their hands on the futuristic condoms before the masses. LELO is also hoping that these people who will get to experience the LELO HEX condoms will encourage talks about sexual health.

"[Sheen is] the perfect choice for LELO, a tragic reflection of the current situation in sexual health of today, but more importantly, a symbol of change with the strength and the courage to confront key issues head on," said LELO Chief Marketing Officer Steve Thomson. 

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