Mars is a harsh place to live, but for some, certain skills and powers sure help.

The Technomancer takes place after humans landed on Mars to terraform it. However, after a cataclysmic event there, that terraforming never happened, and Mars is now a "no man's land" full of shanty towns and broken cities run by corrupt government officials. Nowhere is truly safe, and even settlements often fall victim to criminals and terribly mutated creatures.

In The Technomancer, players take on the role of one of these humans who live on Mars, a mage-meets-warrior character with cybernetic implants that gives electrical-based powers. These warriors learn to fight from a young age, and eventually, they pass an initiation rite to become Technomancers.

Initially introduced in Mars: War Logs, Technomancers have their choice of skill trees, depending on their fighting style. However, players must choose carefully how to use their powers and when to fight: not all situations require strength. Sometimes, it's best just to talk, using conversation dialogue that will affect how the story eventually plays out. Players can also craft equipment, weapons and armor, too, which will help them withstand the dangers that surviving on Mars requires.

"Your technomancy powers compliment [sic] your chosen combat stance: fight with the Staff, the signature of a Technomancer; with a blade and gun, the mark of a rogue; or a mace and shield, the weapons favored by soldiers," a press release reads. "Just like with technomancy, each of these three stances has its own skill tree, where you can gain new skills, but also improve them through different upgrade paths."

A new gameplay trailer of The Technomancer shows all of this in action and demonstrates how players can take on enemies, as well as shows off some powers and weapons.

Players can find better weapons and armor, either through shops or looting. Each piece has its own bonuses, as well as crafting slots for improving stats.

"You'll be able to improve damage, resistance, as well as add various special effects such as disruption, resistance to specific damage types, energy regeneration, and more," the press release says. "Improving your crafting talent and learning new construction plans will let you craft more powerful gear."

Humans are also dangerous in The Technomancer: there are multiple factions trying to control the planet, meaning that the player must determine which ones to befriend.

The Technomancer releases on June 28 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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