Wine lovers already know that the beverage is best paired with some gourmet cheese, but true winos are all about the latest mashup involving another food — gummy bears.

The genius people over at Sugarfina teamed up with the wine brand Whispering Angel to develop rosé-infused gummy bears that are already proving to be this summer's poshest treat.

Called Rosé All Day Bears, the gummies sound like they would be the perfect sweets for the summer. But before consumers get overexcited that they will be able to carry on their brunch buzz by munching on a few, they should know, although the gummies are infused with the blush-colored wine, the alcohol is removed from the heat during cooking.

Sugarfina — the company calls itself the "gourmet candy boutique for grownups" — already makes other fun alcohol-related treats such as champagne gummy bears, but it also found the perfect way to play on the popular catchphrase "rosé all day."

A photo posted by Sugarfina (@sugarfina) on Jun 30, 2016 at 2:47pm PDT

Along with the Rosé All Day Bears, Sugarfina is also introducing "Yes Way Rosé," which are rose-shaped gummies. The company launched both products on June 28 in celebration of its new store opening in the Upper East Side of New York City, and announced a presale that caused the company's website to crash.

The wine candies then sold out in just two short hours after being released, proving that people really love their wine and any adorable hybrid creation related to the drink.

There were close to 700 people on the waiting list for the Rosé All Day Bears a few days ago, so those looking to get in on the latest trend should email to also get in line.

The company said that the next shipment for the rosé treats will be in late July, so *fingers crossed* there will be thousands to go around for this batch before they get sold out again.

The gummies retail for $8.50 for just under 4 ounces each, or consumers can buy a Candy Bento Box featuring both rosé candies for $20.

One of the best summer activities to do is to sip on some fine wine with friends while soaking in the sun, so Rosé All Day Bears seem to be a must-have. But while consumers wait for the product to be restocked, they can try these other goodies at the high-end candy boutique: Bubbly Bears or Peach Bellini heart-shaped candies.

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