Microsoft is going all out with its legacy enterprise services that aim to revolutionize the way professionals handle their everyday work environment.

Through its latest offered service, Microsoft Stream, businesses can now incorporate videos into their corporate models and add more variety to how these companies can present ideas and strategies within their system.

"Microsoft Stream enables organizations and their employees to communicate and collaborate with video more easily," writes Microsoft in an announcement, adding that Stream is a "business video service that democratizes access to and discovery of video at work."

Through Microsoft Stream, the company is providing "features and capabilities that make video management and sharing within an organization easy, collaborative and social." Workers in an organization may be able to: upload and share video content efficiently; discover new and related content easily; access videos on any device from anywhere; organize and manage who among their peers may view the video; and lastly, use social media-related functions such as following a channel or liking a video.

At its core, the new Microsoft video streaming service may seem like the consumer-oriented YouTube platform. However, the company stresses that Microsoft Stream is more private and dedicated to professional environments — this means that content published on the service will only be accessible and fully restricted to a company's own employees.

Furthermore, Microsoft Stream differentiates itself by effectively removing those annoying ads that pop up every now and then on public video streaming sites, providing only the needed content without the unnecessary distractions.

"Create a secure, encrypted video site with no ads and no unrelated videos to distract people — and no headaches for your IT department," writes the Microsoft Stream's home page.

Those who are already acquainted with Microsoft services will know that Office 365 is offering its own video streaming platform as well and may have been using this platform ever since. Microsoft Stream is a product of that continued support and the company aims to fully converge the two platforms over time to finally make Microsoft Stream the one remaining professional video streaming service it offers.

In the meantime, Microsoft notes that business establishments already utilizing the Office 365 Video platform will experience no changes during the initial phase of Microsoft Stream or what the company is referring to as Stream Preview — in other words, it's currently free.

Any interested organization or individual may sign up for the new dedicated video streaming platform as long as they have a working business email address.

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