Fan-Made 'Fallout: Revelation' TV Series Does Bethesda's Wasteland Justice


Never underestimate the power of passionate fans. From phenomenal cosplay to innovative mods, video game fans in particular never cease to amaze. Perhaps it shouldn't be all that surprising then that a fan-made Fallout TV series that recently debuted on YouTube is good enough to be an official Bethesda production.

Just so we're clear: it's not official. Bethesda is no way involved in the project, but that doesn't mean the 15-minute long Fallout: Revelation part one doesn't capture nearly everything that makes the game series great. Creator MechanicalCakeTV knocks it out of the park when it comes to translating the look and feel of the Fallout universe on film. Costumes and items look authentic (there's even a scene where the main character is seen scavenging for supplies) and the music selection is perfect. There are synths, crashed alien spacecraft, power armor and much, much more.

What's most unique about this project is the quality of the acting as well. While many fan film creators can often accurately bring to life aspects of the movie or game universe that they are trying to emulate, having convincing characters who don't feel out of place is more rare. Fallout: Revelation succeeds there too, offering a number of different characters and different perspectives, all competently acted. When combined with the show's look, it makes for a real treat for Fallout fans.

If there is one negative, it's that some of the special effects are little too noticeable and at times stand out like a sore thumb. That one issue aside, everything else about this project goes above and beyond your normal fan project.

Better yet, this video appears to only be part one of three. No word yet on when part two will officially arrive, but MechanicalCakeTV is thanking fans for their support and says to "Please Stand By" for the next installment.

Given how popular Fallout is, it's almost shocking there hasn't been an attempt to turn the franchise into a film or TV series. The closest the series has officially gotten is a live-action advertisement for Fallout 4, but even that wasn't much. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea for Bethesda to give the folks behind Fallout: Revelation their official endorsement. It really isn't every day that a fan project of this quality comes along.

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